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1 year ago
This game is such a last minute napkin sketch. It doesn't take itself seriously at all and is a blast to play. It's got Python's stoner-silly vibe, it's non-licensed with a completely meaningless theme, the soundtrack groove is gritty and could be considered Granner's best, and it reeks of the late 80s. Game wise, the timed jackpot and express lane multiball-start shots are suspenseful and satisfying, and each shot has a definite purpose to complete the story and earn points, forcing the player to make use of the entire playfield... even the spinout skill shot can be used to pick up a passenger. Definitely digging the playfield symmetry and it has a cool figure 8 flow.
4 years ago
I had this game on my wishlist for a few years now and finally picked one up… glad I did. The bang for your buck on this game is fantastic! I'm a bit biased with this review though... I admire most of the System 11 charm, simplicity, and the retro 80s feel.

Space Station has a super cool/chill vibe with the slow groove synth bass that builds as balls get locked, the killer light show (this game makes you feel like a full blown hero when you get a high score), and the spacey Tim Elliot art package. All elements of this game are very cohesive to the theme… even the display segment animations are incredibly well thought out. As far as gameplay goes, it’s not a white-knuckle flow monster but there’s definitely a lot of thought required when choosing your shots. The lack of inlanes really forces a player to concentrate on controlling the ball and planning your next shots well in advance so this really isn’t an easy game simply because it’s a bit more stop and go with an easy to understand rule set. If your ball gets caught in a sling volley, chances are the outlanes will be happy to take it away. And misplaced shots for stop and score or getting caught off guard with a ball popping out of the docks often leads to a SDTM.

Like most System 11 Barry games, there’s so many different ways to score points. The most fun way is to go for multiball to earn rescue jackpot. I’ve never heard so many oooohs and aaaaahs when the GI dramatically switches over to “condition green”. Barry did an amazing job on making sure the scoring was balanced too. The diverter is a very cool addition to the game and is very satisfying to watch it send the ball through the different habitrails. I see Space Station almost as more of a sequel or companion to Pinbot rather than the sequel to Space Shuttle (both Barry games). There’s a lot of similarities between the two. I think this would hold up very well in a smaller collection, especially next to something that is very fast paced (does great next to Mousin Around). This one’s a keeper…

EDIT - Pyche! Wasn't a keeper after all. It's a killer game but after a few years I realized I fell in love with the lights/music more than the gameplay. Too much spelling (but that's aprt of the rules... I get it) and really there's only 3 main shots (not counting stationary/drop targets). The lack of inlanes was novel at first but then just became frustrating for most players. If you want the lights and music, just play virtually... Wasn't easy to let this one go though.
4 years ago
Mousin’ Around is one of those games that seems like it shouldn’t have made it off of the drawing board. It has a very bare bones theme featuring three hip mice and a crusty fat dude that wants to kill them… “Those darn mice!”. That’s all you get. There’s no plot or hidden story… no meaning or thought provoking lesson. But I think because there’s no complexity in the theme/story, it’s the simplicity that makes it so charming and fun. It’s not overthought nor does it take itself seriously whatsoever. Trap the mice, get the cheese, send them home.

I love the simple yet challenging goals and I love this game. Shots to the trap locks are unbelievably satisfying. The ramps are smooth, the shots have a purpose, and most important, it’s fun! It even looks fun with the halftone “Sunday Funnies” aesthetics and bright primary colors. The music actually has a lot to contribute as well. It's very upbeat and adds to the excitement when you get the ball speeding through loops and ramps. This definitely stands out among the quirky Sys11 games of the late 80’s. If you want a game with a deep ruleset that could rival the likes of ‘Inception’, this ain’t it. If you want to simply laugh and clap your hands, Mousin’ Around is a game to check out! “YEAH BABY!”
4 years ago
A Granner/Oursler/Python masterpiece... with metaphorical robotic phrases like "we control the universe" intermingled with an epic and tripped out deep space score, what's there not to love about this game!? The game really does come to life when you pay attention to the depth of the sounds, music, and art. It's not the deepest game ever made as far as rules, and in some cases it can get repetitive, but it could be one of the more beautiful and cerebral.
4 years ago
One of the most interactive DMD games I've played. Picking the correct suspect is fun and the dialogue is well done and not repetitive for the most part. Love the various multiballs. The elevator shots can be a bit tiresome and I really wish this had some sort of wizard mode after capturing all suspects or solving all the cases. Other than that, a very underrated game with a lot to do. Definitely a family fave.
4 years ago
This is one game I wish I held on to... one of my favourite system 11 games. Great sounds and music by Chris Granner. Highly underrated and yet another great non-licensed Williams game. The three banks of drop targets are a challenge when going for million and the light surge when a ball is locked is a nice touch.
4 years ago
Amazingly fun game, lot of humor (video mode), great sound, an overall fun non-licensed Williams game. Feels a lot like a whacky system 11 game but with a DMD... The fish playing drums "replay" animation is very chuckle-worthy.

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