Decided to re visit some childhood fun.

By ScubaScott

August 10, 2021

48 days ago

As a kid during the early 70's my father bought a pinball machine as a Christmas present.  We had it in the basement for a few years and it was played, but it seemed like it always needed something fixed. When the folks retired and moved the machine was sold.  Later as I was able to purchase my own house, we decided on a toy for the game room.  I found a Williams" Big Guns" for sale. Purchased that and had many good times with friends and family.  Then it sat and I learned the hard way about "battery acid" leak.  After sitting for about 10 years, I unloaded it and got it out of my garage.  The gentleman who purchased it was really into the pinball hobby and after spending some time discussing it, I decided to once again jump back into it.  Bought 1 for a Christmas surprise just last year and then recenlty bought another after attending "Pinfest 2021" in Allentown, PA for the 1st time. Seems like it's a fun hobby that never goes away no matter what age group.  Just wish the machines were around the same price as they were in the 70's.

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