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8 years ago
I love this game. From the music, toys, & art work this pin just screams to be played with. The only down side I've seen is some owners complain about the construction quality from Stern.
8 years ago
A great game and love to play it whenever I see one. While I stink at playing it I still enjoy every moment. Fun gameplay and I can see why its always listed in most pinheads top 5.
8 years ago
A great Williams system 11 game. Fast gameplay and a real ball drainer is what I remember most about this pin. I owned it for about six months and never had a repair issue. Very sturdy and well built. The most exciting multiball I have ever seen (thanks to the beacon lights)!
8 years ago
Love the theme but I feel more could have been done with the shifter. The playfield art is too busy for my liking. However I do enjoy the playfield toys and skill shots. I could do without the upbeat reimaging of the classic Star Wars soundtrack.
8 years ago
My first pin and very fun to play. A little difficult to follow with its rule set but a blast once you learn it.