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2 years ago
Still my all time fav pin just fantastic code and gameplay super smooth shots and flow a great pin the blk version has those added extras that make a difference nice chrome mirror glass and shaker!
2 years ago
Wow what an awesome looking pin! Plays great lots of nice shots and ramps good flow great lighting and music, its a fast pin left outlane can be brutal and still not mastered the lair shot, the ball flys around those orbits so fast sometimes the upper flipper to left ramp shot is tough, but all the shots feel smooth, great pin currently my 2nd fav next to Sm
7 years ago
Wow what a game great layout super fast game, the artwork is amazing love the hand drawn art! The lighting and sound effects music are awesome, currently loving it my fav of the 30 I have owned so far, beware the Ctr drain is brutal! But so much fun to play!
7 years ago
Super fast pin much faster than the le version great modes and play with the latest code, one of my fav pins!
7 years ago
Fun pin to play love the satellite plus the speed of the ramps
7 years ago
Love the theme the sound and the modes are awesome, plays a bit stop starty, but a good fun pin a must for any Indy fan
7 years ago
Very fun game lots of bang for buck good animations and mods lots on the playfield play fast
7 years ago
Lots of ramps and features underrated pin but not a keeper for me
7 years ago
Fun nostalgia pin awesome artwork on playfield and back glass
7 years ago
Fun first starter pin very similar layout to t2 strangely preferred this to t2 plus they can be picked up for a great price
7 years ago
Fun game with a nice layout simple and easy to play great fun for South Park fans
7 years ago
Super fast game went set up steep great artwork and cab, fun and fast got bored a little quickly
7 years ago
Very underrated pin fun nostalgia pin great music and speech awesome artwork, easy rule set just fun to play not to deep
8 years ago
Awesome pin currently my favourite in my collection of 15, artwork is amazing love the comic book old cartoon styling, great playfueld with loads of ramps and shots, feels like your playing an arcade machine crossed with a pin with awesome battles against the Villians, great shots great pin alround for beginners and experts, loving my wolverine Le!
8 years ago
Good multiball game fun callouts but not the deepest of games pretty easy to play
8 years ago
Being a real horror fan love the looks of this pin, challenging game but fun to play, more of a nostalgia pin than a players pin
8 years ago
Makes me smile every time I play, true 80s feel awesome sound track plus I'd by that for a dollar call outs, fun retro pin
8 years ago
True nostalgia pin, love the whole 80s retro look, real bttf fan, fun to play not the deepest of games but fun, loving the 80s music tracks that change on ball locks!
8 years ago
Great fun wwf pin, awesome call outs from macho plus wrestlers theme music, true nostalgia pin, although would have been better if it was the prototype version with warrior etc
8 years ago
True classic pin awesome back glass and play field artwork fun and tough to play
8 years ago
Great fun pin very underrated, lots of challenges cranes, magnets ramps etc great value starter pin
8 years ago
One of the most fun pins I have played great playfield layout, fast playing with mini underplay field, great sound speech and animations, nice dmd games highly recommended for all players
8 years ago
Being an elvira fan had to own this, it's a great fun quirky pin with a nice retro look and feel sadly I didn't own for long, great pin for elvira fans
8 years ago
Fun challenging pin a players machine for sure can be a tough pin to crack, but lots of fun with ramps mini play field great lighting sound and animations
8 years ago
Fun pin to play my newest addition, franky throwing the pinballs around for multiball is awesome, sound effects and music is top class great sega pin very underrated
8 years ago
Great movie tie in pin with great movie quotes, great play field toy T. rex, fun and challenging game to play
8 years ago
Amazing game currently my fav pin in my collection of 16, great fun to play keeps you coming back for more sterns best pin in my opinion!
8 years ago
Awesome machine never played one till owning earlier this year, real fun pin if you only have space for 1 this could be the 1 for you, even my wife loves it!
10 years ago
awesome game great fun one of the best pinballs i have played!

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