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2 years ago
I can understand the low ratings for this pin for those who may have played it on location a time or two. The lock shot is very tight and the rules can be hard to understand. But the game is such a great experience and must be played more than just a few times. Huge orbits with a right hand spinner is a treat to rip over and over, and reminds me of some of the older EM pins. Houdini plays like a widebody with so many different shots to hit, and is extremely well balanced with great flow and laser precision shots too. I give myself an air high five every time I hit the trunk lock. Watching the catapult launch the ball up the entire playfield into the trunk never gets old, and is truly a sight to behold.

Houdini is one of those pins that the more you play, the better it gets. I cannot recommend this enough.

*Update* I just can't get enough of this game. Each mode feels like a different game and are very creative. I still play this game regularly and couldn't imagine parting with it.
2 years ago
Boy do I love this game! If you are looking for a game with great flow, you are reading the wrong review. This game is all about accurate shot making. If you are up to the challenge, then you will be rewarded with some of the best gameplay you can possibly have in a pinball machine. This game is loaded with so much fun I don't know where to begin. Scoops, vuks, magnets, toys, leds, ramps, drop targets, shaker motor, knocker, spinners... you name it this machine has it. But it's not put together hap hazardly. This pin has a great layout, with open shots and tight ones too. It also has some of the best rules and coding that I have ever experienced. And with over 16 game modes, two different physical lock multiballs, and a guy named Otto, there is enough gameplay to last a lifetime. I have owned this pin for a few months and every day I want to explore this pin more and more. Yes the theme is about beer and boobs, which will definitely turn off a few people but if that is not a concern, then you need to play this game now. And I have to say, American Pinball has the best customer service I have experienced. Other companies should take note. I am going to finish this review now and go play another game. If you will excuse me...PROST!
2 years ago
I have owned this game for a few months now and I thought it was time to give my opinion as to the playability of this pinball machine. This is the third pinball machine from American Pinball and it is probably their best package to date. I own all three of their machines (Houdini, Oktoberfest) and love them all, but I would say that Hot Wheels is definitely the most approachable of the three. At first glance, this pin looks to be somewhat uninspiring with few toys or complicated mechs on the playfield. The playfield has an old "EM" look and feel to it, and the really long orbits look and feel great to shoot. That is where the comparisons end however, as the rest is very up to date and modern. The light show is one of the best I have experienced, very inline with all of the American Pinball pins. The animations are taken from a show that I have not seen, but it is excellent and really fits the machine perfectly. The integrated shaker and real knocker (if it comes with it) is the best and adds so much to the game. Hitting the jackpot on Loop Crash Multiball with the knocker firing off like a gunshot is one of my favorites, and shows what can be done with good programming.

The one issue I have with the layout of this pin is the inner left orbit. I am not sure the reasoning of placing wire rails for the walls of the orbit, but it is structurally inadequate. When hit to that area the ball tends to rattle out, making an already challenging shot extremely difficult. There is a mod available that can help with the rigidity of the wire rails, but the problem still exists. Some say that the shot to the kick back is too narrow, but I find it doable and satisfying when you can find it.

The Hot Wheels pinball machine is by far their best from American Pinball due to its theme, lighting, approachability, and fun factor. This pin would be great in a small private lineup as well as on location. The programing is very good and I love how all modes are accessible right from the start. American Pinballs customer service is the best in the business. Other companies should take note. I am very impressed with the company and look forward to their next pin.
3 years ago
I am so glad I have this game in my collection. Data East during this time period tried to outshine Bally/Williams by putting so much into there games. It has so much going on and plays great. The best part of this game has to be the varied shot selection. Nothing feels repetitive, and really keeps you coming back for more. The sound is excellent with it's booming explosions and varied soundtracks. The crane can be problematic but when it works, is great to see in action. There are even magnets under the playfield to wreak havoc while playing. This pin looks great, sounds great and plays fantastic. One of my favorites!
3 years ago
I just can't get over how great the layout is on this game. The ramps are positioned perfectly and can be made from either left or right flipper shots. The warp ramp is so addicting to hit and is so rewarding to combo. The light show is stellar and really puts it in a class all by itself. The different modes are great, except that they seem repetitive. Most of the modes require to hit certain shots on the playfield and are similar from one mode to another. The sound is superb and callouts do not get repetitive. Finally the DMD is probably my biggest gripe. Some may like the old school dot matrix style, but really should have been in color. But it is easily fixed with a color dmd. I will go out on a limb and declare that this is Sterns best, modern pinball machine to date.
4 years ago
Fun, fun, fun! I think this is Sega's best pin. The game plays like a widebody but in regular size. Has wonderful flow and skill shots too, and the layout is a great. The dmd looks fantastic, especially with it in color. The game is easy to pick up and hard to master. I think it has the perfect amount of flow and skill, difficulty and fun. I find myself hitting the start button for just one more game.

UPDATE: I sold this machine do to space restrictions and completely regret it. I didn't think I'd miss this game as much as I do. I will own it again someday.
4 years ago
Wide body pins can seem slow and boring but this one is one of the fastest pins out there. The flow on this pin is unbelievable and fantastic, and hitting shots are approachable with no less than five ramps and habitrails to aim for. The crane is often broken in the wild but when it works, adds a fun and an important part of gameplay. With five different multiballs and game modes, there is plenty to do and each mode is different and cool.

The game is not without a few problems, issues, or gripes. The skill shot does not work with a lot of machines and is difficult to get working. The game is also a STDM drainer. The floating eyeballs never have fluid in them and are too light to hit the stand-up target. The last issue I have is the game is a little boring for me. It seems uninspired and the theme is lost to most people.

I may be one of the few who liked the movie, and the pin it's based on is a great widebody with the pistol grips and incredible flow. But it suffers with uninspired theme, poor use of dot matrix, and bland game play objectives. This machine is a good fit for a larger collection.
4 years ago
Yes, I know it’s left ramp all day but it is sure damn fun and satisfying to hit that ramp that it never seems to get old. It’s an easy to play game with a fantastic looking layout that keeps you playing again and again. The artwork is superb and the rotating faces steal the show! One of my all time favorites.
5 years ago
Terminator 2 Pinball has one of the best themes ever. While the gameplay is rather simplistic, the shots and ramps all feel right on and accessible. The lighting is fantastic, especially with the placement of the flashers. I always thought it a little odd with the translight, with Arnold in all three head shots. What about Robert Patrick and the T1000? Or Linda Hamilton? This machine is a blast to play and keeps you wanting to play just one more game.
5 years ago
Easy to pick up and play. The rules are not that deep but can still be challenging. Expect long game times. This machine is perfect for casual play. The sound and DMD animations are outstanding and really draw you into the game. Super fun!
5 years ago
This is not an easy flowing table. It challenges your accuracy with every flip and getting a high score is only achievable after much practice. The ramps reject the ball often and can be made with only perfect timing. It does have one of the best shooting guns in any pinball machine. Being able to hit specific targets as well as a ramp makes the gun fun and rewarding. The artwork on the backglass and cabinet are extremely well done but the original lighting is too dark. The DMD animations are also very well done and gives you actual callouts from Clint himself. An above average pinball machine that will challenge your abilities but also rewarding when shots are on.
5 years ago
Well thought out and fun to play, but difficult to get a high score. The high level of difficulty and the flowing ramps and orbits makes you come back for more. The dual buttons, ramp diverters, and upper play field are terrific and are the best of its time. I will play this over Attack From Mars any day. The only major gripe is the play field is very dark and hard to see with incandescent lighting. Switch to cool white leds and a few stadium lights and the game is practically perfect.
5 years ago
This is an easy game to play but difficult to get a high score. Artwork is fantastic with the main character Frankenstein up front and center. The game is too dark with insufficient lighting but makes up for it with strobing and flashing GI to the beat of the music. Oh, and being able to choose two different music soundtracks at the start is terrific. Highly underrated pin in my opinion.
5 years ago
One of my favorite System 11 games. This was the first pin I fell in love with back in the day. First to have a shaker motor, It is always satisfying to hit the upper flipper shot to lock the ball. EARTHSHAKER!! The music has variety and the call outs are lighthearted and fun. A Pat Lawlor classic. A simple game to play, but it just keeps sucking you in. Great fun!

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