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3 years ago
Rick and Morty is fun and addictive. Jumping dimensions and hunting down megaseeds is very rewarding. Playfield layout is a bit clunky unless you absolutely nail every shot. Maybe I suck or maybe the geometry could have used more refinement. Stellar audio/video package and a great rule set were the highlights for me.
4 years ago
Oh Xenon, so pretty. Underrated shooter. If you’re an Assman this game is for you.
5 years ago
Not much I can say that hasn’t been said already.
Out of this world light show, and a beauty colour screen to boot.
CGC did an amazing job on this pin.
7 years ago
Great flow and lots to shoot for especially for a two flipper game.
They really nailed the theme on this one, gorgeous to look at and to listen to.
It loses a bit a lustre after you beat the Genie so set it up hard from the get go.
7 years ago
Tough pin to finish. Has that just one more game thing going for it. The mini playfield is rad and ramp flow is fantastic. Aurichs translite turns this game into a real beauty. No offence to Alec Baldwin.
7 years ago
Love this game and I'm not really into modes. Amazing theme integration. A fun shooter with a great build up and deadly climax in the final frontier.
7 years ago
What a fast machine. Don't love the glove only because it slows down the game and tends to be finicky. I like the strategy it adds however. Great flow overall and the power down wizard modes kicks ass.
10 years ago
The time expander is my favorite toy out of all of them and I am not a fan of toys normally. Shooting loops and WHOs for sonic booms is super fun and rewarding points wise. I like the sounds which puts me in the minority. Playfield art is great; the backglass not so much.
10 years ago
Maybe my favorite playfield art of all time. One of the best players of its era. Ahead of its time multiball action.
10 years ago
I'm always a fan of widebodys so this rating may be askew. Lots to shoot for. Dangerous vagina shot keeps it exciting; hard if not impossible to get multiball without it. Quickly ramp up to 5x to go for the highscore means shooting the for the spinner alot. The captive balls are fun; 4 in total. Gorgeous game.
10 years ago
Besides being a beautiful machine Paragon is addictive, Love the inline drop targets; great spinner shot to waterfall; two top saucers are fun to nudge. Bonus holdover starting at 20k is essential when going for highscores. Beware the Beast Lair.
12 years ago
Classic Lawlor design, engaging ruleset, very fun to play and challenging. Tough jackpots when you're feeling the power of wind. One of my favorite 3 shot combos.
12 years ago
A staple at the local 711 back in the day. Fun back then, pretty basic game these days. Good skill builder. I love the magnet shot. Turn table is a bit useless. Steep ramp keeps it challenging. The reflex combo is fun also. Comic book style dude.
12 years ago
Decent game, bit of a clunker, love the way it looks just not so much the way it plays. A lot of shoot er down the middle. Davey Jones locker is a fun shot to hit and I like the video modes.
12 years ago
The first game I fell in love with. Not as much fun as I remember. The modes are ok but lots of shooting it down the middle or at the chair to start a mode. Great callouts and music along with a really nice lightshow. Multiball is a blast with the force wreaking havok. Not a keeper for me but I'll play one if I see it.
12 years ago
Bought it originally to sell it, had trouble letting it go.
Vanish 4 ball multiball is a blast, fun shots all around, lots of flow.
I find the call out dude annoying.
Orbit exploit shooting get's repetitive if you're going for highscores.
Fantastic game regardless.
12 years ago
After more than a thousand games I still haven't reached the vacation jackpot which keeps me coming back. Lots of rewarding shots, engaging ruleset, great flow and I really like how the music builds as you progress. The best ramps in all of pinball, hands down.

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