By Scarpacifico

January 13, 2020

79 days ago

INDISC 2020 proved to be all I had hoped it would be and more. Having come to the Museum of Pinball for one day last fall and realizing it wasn't enough, I signed on for four days this time and wasn't disappointed. Watching some of the pros play was a lot of fun, as was wandering among the incredible array of pinball machines and playing until my wrists and forearms were sore. I played AC/DC and the Beatles about two dozen times each, The Big Lebowski every time it was available, all three Elvira machines multiple times, had my fill of the five machines in the Jersey Jack room, and finally got a chance to delve deeply into No Good Gofers of all things, and that just scratches the surface. Unfortunately all of the Zaccaria machines were down (I was looking forward to exploring them for the first time) and Batman '66 got whisked off to the tournament after I'd only had a chance to play it a couple of times. But overall this was an incredible event and really well-run. Looking forward to next time!

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44 days ago
I will personally look into those Zaccaria games. I will see if I can help. I think I can.
44 days ago
I like goals.

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