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2 years ago
This game is extremely fun. The music is very energetic, the callouts are great. The team coop mode is perfect for my family. My sons prefer this game above all others and I have a collection filled with some amazing pins.

The lair shot is easy. People complain about it being difficult. It’s identical to the away team shot on Star Trek. The outlanes are fair and don’t vacuum the ball to doom.

The 3D animations are lacking.
2 years ago
Better flow than Star Trek.
Unique shots.
Great code.
Mind Gem quest questionably the best mode ever.
Magnet lock in the tower. Unique to this game.
Captain Marvel ramp. Unique to this game.
Callouts have been updated Thus I am increasing more score.
3 years ago
The shot angles...are not great. Can’t hit the ramps very easily.
3 years ago
Brought the LE home this week. Such a beautiful machine. The light show, the sounds, the all perfect. The shots and flow are the best in pinball in my opinion. Although not part of the Stern code, the Film score you can easily load onto this machine is a huge boon. Feels so immersive. The animations in this game are also amazing. The style is fun and comical...and when paired to the shots, feels well timed. The multi-balls are very fun as well. So great to see a kickback in this machine.
3 years ago
I’m a Star Wars nut and this pin doesn’t do it for me. It feels like cheap star wars without any nostalgia. It provides zero sense of adventure or continuity between balls. Has it been themed more specific to one film, I think I’d be more interested. But the smattering of Luke Leia and Han all over the artwork is ugly. Back glass art is also bad.

All of that being’s a drain monster that offers little flow at all. Richie may be getting too old for this.
3 years ago
We had this at work. I played it daily for 6 months. I love the theme. The ramps are boring. And the the shots are not very satisfying.
3 years ago
I’ve owned this pin for 5 months now. It rarely gets played. That being said it’s my wife’s favorite pin. :)
3 years ago
The VE handedly defeats the film trilogy edition of this pin. The callouts are super cheesy. That being said my kids love them and talk along with them. This game is fast and furious. The middle post is helpful while not being an overt crutch.
3 years ago
Great implementation of the theme. This game often sends me packing. The shots are fantastic. It’s an epic adventure.
3 years ago
At first blush, TSPP feels stop and go, and somewhat confusing. Only after playing this for a few months, did I become aware of the layer upon layer of code and strategy options. This game is missing one thing for me...satisfying shots. There are two...when compared to Spiderman...which has six. That being said, the playfield layout is very unique (in a good way.) And I think it's layout is to invoke a sense of chaos like the town of Springfield itself. Great theme.

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