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19 days ago
Put 20 games on this at Lyman's Tavern in D.C. today and have 1 on pre-order!

I'll put the bad up front (Disclaimer, this is on fairly early code with less than 50 machines in the wild):

The bad:
1. The Garage Shot is as hard as people say. I made it 3 times in 20 games.
2. The different dimensions require a garage shot. My 3 dimensions I made it to ended instantly because it flashed up on the screen what the dimension was, I looked up to read it, and the ball came out the portal instantly and drained before I could read it.
3. The Magna-save is cool, but I saw 0 opportunities where I could have used it to save the ball.
4. The ball got stuck... alot. I had the ball fly off the end of the left ramp and wedge itself into the wireform that spits out the ball from launch multiple times. The ball also got stuck in the lip of the scoop a couple of times... to the point I had to tilt it to get it out.
5. Not exactly sure what the Beth/Jerry/Summer targets are used for outside of modes
The good.
6. The pop bumper only seemed to pop on balls approaching from the top on this example.
7. No rule cards?
8. The ship on a stick looked cool, but I'm not sure it performed correctly when it was supposed to move.

1. Art is on point. I've heard complaints about the playfield, but it looks nice in person. The cabinet and rails look good... the backbox looks good, the topper looks good.
2. The game reminds me very favorably of The Addams Family. Shoot ramps to light scoop to start new random mode.
3. The modes are laid out well and explain what you are supposed to do very well.
4. The stock sound system rocks and the music/call outs are great.
5. More swearing than an NWA album.
6. There were heavy balltrails and grime from heavy use on this machine, but I saw 0 dimples.
7. The modes are nicely varied.

Overall I had a blast and cannot wait to get to tear into my first NIB in my basement. I'm sure the game will only improve with code. If I can get the garage shot dialed in on my basement machine I'll think this one is hard to beat.
32 days ago
It's great! There is a real variety of shots, the assets are excellent, the animations are good, and my children are drawn to this more than my other games.

The only thing I really miss on this between the premium and pro is the moving T-REX which is cool, but not that cool. I don't think there is any noticeable difference in gameplay between the two, but admittedly I've never played the premium.

I think the art package is way better on the pro than the premium. I'm a sucker for mods and the musts for me are the game blades (side stickers) spinning helicopter, and 3d raptor. The 2d plastic on the raptor and the cheap helicopter plastic on this one are my only 2 complaints about the game feeling cheap.

The only issues I've had on mine are that the launch spring is too weak to consistently make the helicopter shot (common) but that is a $2 fix.

The gameplay itself is fantastic, but it takes a bit to figure out the rules. I'm still working on it myself and it is far from clear what I should be doing at any given point in time.

There are lots of multiballs and objectives in this. I have a feeling I will never see the wizard mode in this one, but the TREX, CHAOS, and RAPTOR multiballs are fairly easy to get. I love the control room modes, the raptor pit, and the excess of shots on this game.

I know the moving truck looks goofy (I think it is a licensing issue) but I really like how it changes the shots in the game. Those trap targets are hard!

I bought a Pro 2nd hand in February 2020, 6 months after initial release on the day 1.0 code came out, and I've had a week on this one now.

The voice acting in this one is... lacking.

It can be a long player as well.

Overall this is a great game that has just about everything in it. I believe this is the best of the new Sterns.
36 days ago
Taxi is another fun system 11 game. The theme integration is excellent on this one, and it does a great job of forcing you to take shots around the playfield. You will either love or hate the buzzer. The 2 ball multiball is limited, but everything is simple enough and challenging enough to be fun. This is not a game that tells a story, but it is a simple, challenging, skill based game. An excellent game to build your skills on. Most of these have wear around the pops, but a hard top is now available for you perfectionists.
36 days ago
I had a High Speed for about a month as a package deal trade, and really enjoyed it in that time period. I would totally recommend this game as a budget game in a one pin lineup. This game is not terribly deep, but does require skill. The goal is simple, hit all the green targets, then the yellow, then the red, then hit the Ramp to start multiball and the ramp again to hit the jackpot. Sounds simple, but that 3rd flipper ramp shot is a challenge... especially in multiball! Replacement parts are readily available on this machine with the notable exception of the Williams Pop Bumper Caps with the stripe and W. The loop shots provide variety and getting the upper traffic light colors requires skill. The only cheap drain in the game is hitting the rubber in the back behind the bumpers and having it hit back straight back the middle. Theme integration is excellent in this, and I like the overhead shots of the cars. Playfield wear is common on these, especially in the upper playfied past the upper mylar. A hardtop has been released for this title, and is driving the price of this machine upward. If you are looking for a game of deep exploration that tells a story, this is not for you. If you want a fast and fun game to work on your skills with, this game fits the bill.
63 days ago
Champion Pub is one of those games that's really fun to play... a few times. There is really not that much to do in this game. Yeah there are lots of boxer to fight. yes the boxing and jumprope minigames are fun. Yes there are several video modes, but the actual fighting part of the game isn't that fun past the first few times. There is no sense of urgency in this game. The multiballs are too frequent and don't give enough points. It's a beautiful game and the voicework is fantastic, but the gameplay just isn't there. I would view it as the Hobbit of the 1990s. Beautiful game with great theme integration and an awesome sound package, but just not that fun to play. This game lived the shortest time in my collection out of everything that I got to stay in my basement. I would say this is a great game with different gameplay for a larger collection, but absolutely would not recommend this in a lineup of 5 or less. I feel like this one would do great in an arcade, and this one is a relatively rare game. Others may find it fun, but it's just not for me.
68 days ago
I had the opportunity to play this game unexpectedly when picking up a backglass from someone's house. Never having seen or heard of one of these before I saw it, it's cool! In a poorly lit room, the effect of the lunar landscape below the plexiglass field is excellent. The backbox looks 3-d. I couldn't see the clear plastic on the playfield and the effect was really neat. The ball did all sorts of crazy things around the spinning bumpers, and the ball routinely went past the flippers but back up. It was a really neat and fun playing game. However, there just wasn't a lot to do except for go for multiball. If you see one of these, it is absolutely worth putting a few quarters in. However, I wouldn't recommend this machine in a small collection, but it is a real conversation piece at a show or in a larger collection. A fun game that plays differently than any other pin I've ever played and would be loads of fun... for a few hours about once a year.
81 days ago
Number one selling pin of all time. This game feels like a natural sequel to Whirlwind, at least in layout. Thing is a great toy. There aren't that many modes, but all of them are fun, and the scoop ramp scoop ramp flow of the game is fun. There are very few games that are just... fun the way TAF is. It has humour, challenge, and a straightforward ruleset. I am a big fan of games with the jackpot only available off of the 3rd flipper, as it adds to the challenge. The magnets throw in a great bit of randomness into play. I also love the challenge of trying to clear the mansion. Great game and I look forward to owning one some day.
4 months ago
This is one of the few games older than I am that I really enjoy. There is one at Crabtown USA not too far from where I live and I always drop a quarter in. The main star of this show is the fancy launching mechanism in the upper left corner of the playfield. It begs to be completed every time I play. I never really got into the scoring on this game, but it's always fun to drop in a quarter, try to launch the ship and get the multi-ball.
5 months ago
Time for an unpopular opinion here. I've had a Metallica Premium in my basement on a temporary trade for a month now (for my STTNG) and... I really don't like this game. I like Metallica, but the rules on this game are not straight forward, even after watching a tutorial.

Music/Sound: Fantastic! Metallica! And a built in headphone jack! I'm not a huge fan of the callouts form the band, but they are passable.

Art: Not a fan of the art style

Layout: Not a fan. I think the hammer is under utilized and blocks too much of the playfield. The game is flowy, but once again I'm really not sure what is going on most of the time. I've played some deep games, but this one isn't really doing anything for me.

Fun Factor: It's not there. I just don't care for the game. I would much rather have my STTNG (which I'll get back in a few months) that this game. I understand that this is a popular game with deep rules, but they are just lost one me.

Long story short. If you want a super deep game and are a Metallic fan, watch a tutorial and play some games before you buy it.
5 months ago
I love my Whirlwind! When I first started out in this hobby, I really wanted a Data East Jurassic Park because the dinosaur ate the ball and the theming was perfect. I really enjoyed that game, but after doing more research on it found out that the layout is a complete ripoff of Whirlwind, so I had to try the real original. As far as playfield layout goes, I don't know how you could get much better than Whirlwind. The third flipper adds a challenging ramp shot that is not easy. It has the classic shot through the pops Lawlor uses as a signature as well.

When I first played my Whirlwind, I was sorely disappointed and wondered why I had purchased the game. The game is really big on extra balls, and in less than a week my games were lasting 45 minutes and I was maxing out at 6 (6!) extra balls. However, after doing some more research, I figured out I could open up the outlanes which makes the game much more challenging, and the games much quicker. I also rebuilt the flippers and switched out the rubbers with the end result that the game now plays much faster and is much more difficult... like Walking Dead/BKSOR difficult... I love it!

The playfield art on this one is meh, but this is one game where sideblades and or a skirt look really good. I have the lightning effect ones from Tilt and they are nice.

This game isn't super deep, but it is a product of it's time.

As far as other items go, the topper on this one is fantastic, and the backglass is great. Any child of the 80s or 90s is going to atleast recognize that iconic wood paneled van. I also really like the spinning disc gimmick for the added randomness to the game.

All in all I really like this one. This one will not be a forever pin for me and I will switch it out for another Lawlor eventually, but if set up correctly this can be a fast skill based game as opposed to a long story based game.

If you are looking at this review because you are thinking of buying one, be advised that mylar lifting over inserts is particularly common on this one, and that grippy new spinning disks are hard to get.

As far as mods go, on mine I have:
Tilt side blades
Tilt apron cover
Color changing LEDs in the back corners (to simulate lighting... it works well).
A new pinscore display.
New Rubbers
LED ring pop caps
Rebuilt flippers (you want strong flippers on this one).

This is a fantastic skill based game that is an excellent addition to any collection.

Edit (Again). After having this game in my basement for 3 months I am upgrading this game as my favorite game of all time. The rules on this are great, there is enough skill involved to keep me coming back time after time. I have done some adjustments on the outlanes to tweak the difficulty and it makes a world of difference. That 3rd flipper jackpot is what keeps me coming back as I just can't quite get it nailed down. I also love how it forces you to hit random shots around the field with the cardinal directions. 10/10.
7 months ago
I've only had my beaters players machine for a few weeks, but it is fixing up quite nicely. Ramps Ramps Ramps! I love Ramps and they are integrated sooooo well in this machine. I also really like the ramp diverting yeti, and the topper is 1 of a kind. There is a great risk/reward when starting multiball, and soo much to shoot for. I really like the upper playfield and skill shot of getting it up there on the first plunge. I highly recommend this game and would put it in the same category of quick non-adventure games as Fish Tales, World Cup Soccer, and Taxi.
8 months ago
Great budget game. This was my first "flip" pinball machine and after 14 hours of labor I made less than minimum wage. Would totally do it again just to play this game. I honestly think I enjoyed playing this game more than I did The Hobbit when it was in my collection. The rules are simple enough for progressing through the modes, and this thing is actually pretty loaded when you think about it. Gun trigger with cool skillshot. 5 Drop targets, 6 ball multiball, magnets under playfield, 2 captive balls, shaker motor, a moving crane, 3 scoops, and the biggest picture of Arnie I've seen on any pin. Yeah... the artwork is terrible and the music is bad and repetitive, but it is a fun game. This is a fantastic first pin, and the cheapest DMD you can get that is any good in my opinion. This game is a total ripoff of Adams family down to the rules. If you like Addams and are looking to not bust the budget, this is your pin. 10/10 would get again.
11 months ago
So, I waited in a line 6 people deep to play this at Pinfest. Honestly, it felt a lot like playing an EM. I had fun! But I had the type of fun I would have on a random 1970s EM that I can pick up for $400 with a better theme and more nostalgia. It may have been set up poorly, but it felt like a really floaty widebody EM in a narrow body. The animations looked okay and the playfield was full of static toys. I'll give Homepin credit for pumping out a game but I just couldn't get into it.

One nitpick you can't get from pictures is that it just seemed... dirty to me on the inside. There were not a lot of ball tracks or anything, but it was full of black dust when you looked up close at the playfield. I am guessing that the rubbers or parts are disintegrating in there pretty quick. This would be more of a problem if people were putting games on it all the time like they were at the show.

All in all, I'd have a hard time choosing between a random well working EM or this.
1 year ago
Jurassic Park is a clunky game that is loads of fun to play and one of the best games for kids.

1. Best toy in all of pinball. Watching the T-Rex eat the ball never gets old.
2. Great layout. Complete ripoff of Whrilwind (compare the upper right quadrant)
3. Raptor kickback is a cool feature that is smoothe as butter.
4. Theme integration is excellent here.
5. Love the trigger ball launch skill shot.
6. Good integration of smart missile.
7. 6 ball multiball with auto launcher.
8. Animations are fantastic for the time, and varied.
9. Fun game. Great for kids!
10. Not everyone agrees, but the backglass is cool and I like the blinker bulbs.
11. Cabinet art is good (just a giant JP logo, but very appropriate).
12. Topper is awesome, and blinker lights are incorporated up there.
13. This pinball machine is huge! It seems like there is more room on the playfield.

1. Very Clunky
2. Not always obvious what to shoot for (loopback combo mod can help with this)
3. Playfield artwork is busy, and a low quality print.
4. Sounds terrible, but may be par for the course for the time. The recorded audio sounds good, but the music sounds like it is coming from a cheap midi synthesizer.
5. Machine is so heavy it is actually difficult to nudge. At 325 pounds, it is 75 pounds heavier than a normal machine.

If you want a cheap(er) machine to practice on, like smoothness, and want to get better at pinball this machine is not for you, (look at a World Cup Soccer, Fish Tales, T2, etc).

If you want a machine that "looks cool" to have in a home theater, or as part of a small collection that kids will love, this is perfect. From a kids perspective, it has, 1. Dinosaurs 2. A trigger launch device 3. Great animations 4. Did I mention dinosaurs?

As I know a lot of people read these reviews when considering purchases, let me warn you that this machine is both heavier and taller than a normal machine, even without the topper. It is built like a tank at 325 pounds and is a few inches taller than a standard Bally/Williams.

All in all it is a fun game that pairs well with a flowier game. It is very stop and go.

I highly recommend this game from a coolness point of view and family friendliness, but if you are getting 1 machine for your basement to get better at pinball, there are better options out there.
1 year ago
A robot themed pinball machine? Sign me up! This game is at the limit for machine age for me, but has a lot going for it. First of all, the theme is well integrated. It looks like the pinball arms go all the way down to the flippers. I love the way the visor opens to create shots. The ramp pops up to allow shots to go under, and the spiral skill shot is unique. The rainbow target bank screams 1980s, but I still have not figured out what the rainbow target lights are used for. I am not a big fan of the stenciled art on the side of the machine or the playfield art, but the back glass is gorgeous and the topper is well integrated. There is a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

I would like to add, that this is the best game from 1986 or earlier IMHO.
1 year ago
BK2000 has the best soundtrack of any pinball game (for it's time). It's mesmerizing, and I can hear it in my sleep! Love the callouts too! Steve Ritchie at his finest. I really like the dual playfield, and getting the ball and keeping the ball up top is a challenge. I like the frequent opportunity for extra balls and bonuses, but on a strict timer. The Magna save feature is cool, but hard to get. Getting the ball up to the top and keeping it up there is a challenge. This is a game where nudging is essential... especially to get the ball to the flipper past the "WAR" dropouts on the upper playfield. I am still playing and learning the rules, but there seems to be a couple of different multiballs you get to in different ways. I really like the turnaround on the lower playfield. The Mirrored back glass is cool, and the cabinet is above average for the time. The lower playfield can be a bit difficult, but if you can keep it on the upper playfield it's all butter. Only criticism is, the game is very right flipper dependent. Solid game and strongly considering it as my first 80s pin.
1 year ago
This is a fun and unique game. Love the oversize backbox and not one but two shooting cannons. The game seems to be a lot of shoot to the upper playfield, then kill the orcs and launch the ball. I don't really understand the rules to this game fully yet, but I always have fun playing it, and the ball times are relatively long. I could see this making it into a large collection, but I don't see this as being a real earner on site. This seems like the type of game that would be a blast to have for part of a year and then move on to the next one. It does look like it would be a beast to move and check your ceiling height before buying one.
1 year ago
Fish Tales is a fun game that I keep coming back to. This game has very short ball times, and is very difficult. However, I can't help dropping a couple of quarters in every time I see one. Shooting that crossover ramp just feels good. It also has a relatively simple rule set. This seems like a very well balanced game, and a good came to test one's skill one. The most controversial thing on this game has got to be the soundtrack, but I like it. Fun game!

Update: I now have my very own fish tales table! The game is a lot more fun when you understand the rules and I really enjoy the games short ball times. Sometimes you want to go on an epic adventure and sometimes you just wanna see if you can get a multiball. Great game!
1 year ago
This machine is the most beautiful and best sounding machine I have ever laid eyes on. The cabinet art, the apron, the back-glass, the incorporation of video is all done flawlessly. This game sounds amazing, and the available headphone jack is a major plus. I'm pretty sure the sound system on this thing is better than the one in my living room. This machine knocks it out of the park on theming, art, music, has a load of popup toys... even a talking dragon.

HOWEVER. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON! The rules on this machine are complicated. To top that off, there is way of learning the rules short of googling and watching a youtube video. There is not even an instruction card on the machine. I put a few games on this and love the machine, but have no idea what I'm doing. I can see this as being a very deep game that would be fantastic in a HUO environment, but I'm guessing this gets only 1 play per person on location due to the complexity of the ruleset. I'm looking into trading an AFMr SE one day for one of these to really learn the ins and outs at home, but this machine is complicated. It is unforgivable that there are no instructions or easy to follow rules (shoot at the blinking light) on this machine. A "hold down left flipper for rules" in attract mode would be all this machine needs.

Really want one, but dang this things complicated. It will be interesting to see how this very complex game holds up over time.

Edit: Got one and plugged in the updated code. This is now my favorite game of all time. I cannot get over the whole package, how it looks, sounds, and after understanding the rules, just how much there is to do. This is now the game to beat for me.

Edit 2: Sold the machine after a few months for about what I had in it (love this hobby!). After putting a couple of hundred games on it, I have updated my review. First of all, I maintain that this game has the best sound package and theme integration of any pinball machine ever. It's simply stunning. Where the game falls short is in the last ability factor. Every game plays differently, but it just seems to be missing something. Every game would eventually go the same way with an Easy Smaug Multi-ball, random mode, followed by a dwarf frenzy and either me struggling to hit the spinner enough times or being really frustrated trying to get the last Wolf to start beast frenzy. The games also tended to be a bit long and the ball play was a little floaty. I still recommend this game, but would think this would be an excellent game for a larger collection. It's hard to describe but going up to an Attack From Mars, Star Trek TNG, Jurassic Park is an awesome experience every time. Doing it on a Hobbit gets old after 20 or so games. First world problems but still a recommended game.
1 year ago
After 1 week in my house I can tell you that my Star Trek Pro is fantastic!

1. There is a unique loop around the back of the machine that actually goes behind the playfield, which allows for a buttery smooth loop.
2. You can shoot the ball behind the third flipper. This provides a very unique shot and way to lock the ball.
3. Although the machine is cheaply built, I can see this as being extremely reliable. There are not a ton of moving parts.
4. I love the third flipper and the warp ramp, it gives you something to shoot for.
5. The basic rules are straight forward and easy to understand.
6. The DMD animations on this one are pretty cool. I like how there are 3 different animations for each of the 3 levels of a mission.
7. I really like the sound on this. This sounds more like a 90s Bally Williams with DCS sound than a mid 2000s Stern.
8. The Vengeance is a cool toy.
9. This machine seems like something newbies could hammer away on and understand but a more advanced player could be entertained by. Great machine for home use.

1. The art package on this is terrible. How do you make a playfield with literally no art, no aliens, no spaceships for Star Trek.
2. The Translite is terrible. The first accessory I ordered for my machine was a new translate.
3. The cabinet art is sub-par... I don't care about the actor's faces.
4. The advanced rules on this machine are a bit confusing. In the week I've had it I understand the basics, but there are 3 sets of targets... shields, weapons, and light locks. Light locks is pretty straight forward, but the other 2 are not self explanatory. The machine saves my ball way more than it should and that is presumably related to the shields, but it's not easy to understand. Also don't understand away team or black hole yet.
5. The plastic ramps are cheap. I understand cost cutting but I really wish there was something better here.
6. The plastic apron seems cheap... wish they didn't have to cut corners here.
7. I really wish they threw on an Enterprise Ship and maybe a Klingon ship or 2. $50 worth of toys on this machine would have been awesome.
8. I think Stern is planning for the plastics on these to be a problem down the line... they have gone to the effort of printing unique numbers on each for easy replacement ordering.
9. Stern support on this is less than stellar even though they are still making it as a vault. Mine was purchased used, and is missing the Kirk Decal on the Left of the Backbox. I am getting the runaround from them trying to get a replacement ordered.

All in all this is a great game. I have 2 machines at home, this Star Trek Pro and an AFMr SE. I am planning on trading out the AFM this year but keeping the Star Trek. Great machine and I would strongly recommend if you can get one at around the 4k mark.
1 year ago
This is a very fun game that I would think would go very well in a home collection but would never, ever, put on route due to reliability issues. We had one of these in the company office and it probably got 10 plays per week. It absolutely fell apart over the course of a year. The Thor drop targets never worked properly, and would either make the game impossible to complete or award an impossibly high score. The ball was constantly getting stuck behind the hulk, and often required the removal of the glass to fix a ball. We tried to have a high score contest over the course of the year but it didn't really work very well because the scores were wonky due to game malfunctions. The Black Widow ramp was nearly impossible to hit, and would often result in drains form balls not making it all the way up the ramp.

With all the negatives, we did play that game a lot and I would enjoy playing the game if we could get it to work consistently. I thought the rules were pretty straightforward, the Hulk toy was neat, and it was overall a cool theme well integrated in an attractive package. If the machine worked consistently, I'd be looking for one to throw in my basement.
1 year ago
Company office got a Deadpool Premium and I have mixed feelings about it.

Pros: The art is spectacular. I really like the Zombie Yeti art and the side blades on the LE look sweet. I also give bonus points to the freaking T-Rex on the side. I really like the retro Street Fighter 2 style of animations. The sound on this thing is awesome too. I love the music and generally like the callouts and voice work, but I agree with others that an optional "adult" mode would be awesome. If I were picking out a piece of furniture for my basement, this would be the machine as it looks beautiful as a stand alone piece of art and sounds awesome when someone else is playing it. I really like the Katana ramp gimmic. It doesn't always work, but I'm sure with more leveling it will get there. I am drawn to this machine. Were I an operator, this would be at the top of my list.

Cons: I have put 20 or so games on this and have not figured out the rules for the different modes yet. When fighting the different characters, you have to do different things to defeat different characters. There are no instructions on the apron, in game callouts, or flashing lights on the field to tell you what to do. Some characters require hitting the drop targets to beat and others require hitting ramps. No idea what I'm doing. I'm still having fun playing it, but am hoping these unclear rules will be fixed with future code updates. To the Stern Programmers reading this... the game has a lot of potential, but something needs to happen so we don't have to look up the instructions online to figure out what is going on. The physical build quality on this machine does not seem as nice as my CGC AFMr or the SW LE this game replaced. It's not cheap per se, but I'd be interest to see if Stern was using thinner wood on this. There are parts of this machine that scream hollow to me. I am comparing this machine directly to a SW LE (as that is what this one replaced) and I don't find myself as drawn to this machine. SW had that "one more game feel", but DP doesn't. Looking at the two of them I have the urge to play DP more, but once I'm playing I want to keep playing SWs all day, but DP gets older quicker.
1 year ago
I had the opportunity to put a few games on this at Crabtown USA a couple of days ago. I have to say that I was honestly disappointed.

The artwork on this machine is fantastic. The playfield looks amazing and the side art is wonderful.
The sound on this machine is awesome. I really like the soundtrack and the sound quality was great.
I really liked the little Deadpool lock.
The animation up on the screen looked awesome.

The toys are crappy. I know the toys don't effect gameplay, but Stern spending $25 on Action figures would have made a difference.
The playfield seems really empty. There really aren't that many shots.
I played for about an hour and still didn't understand the rules. What flashing colors was I supposed to be shooting at?
With no idea what I was supposed to do, and limited instructions available on the machine, I was ready to walk away after only a couple of games.

Overall: This looks like a great game for an operator, but not a great game for the home. It is loud and can draw people in to play/watch, but it's just not that much fun to play. Maybe future code updates will change this but I would rate Stern Star Wars as a more fun game to play, and most of the classic Bally/Williams are better.

Edit: I am upping my score on this machine after getting a lot of time in on a friend's Limited Edition. I will say that the updates in code have been a tremendous benefit to this machine. I will also say that I have come to the realization that the layout on this machine is just different, which is why it doesn't have a lot of the smooth flowy feel that a lot of other games have. I believe this is one of the machines that will continue to grow with time. This is one machine where there is not that huge of a difference between an LE/Premium and a Pro. I'd save money on this one if considering between the options.
1 year ago
One of my all-time favorite pins. If not for the difficulty in maintaining this machine I'd probably have one. I love the dual phasers and large amount of things to do. The theming is perfect and for the show, but I wish it was a little more violent. The backglass art is perfect but the stuff on the field could be a little bit better. The sound is amazing and I don't think I'll ever get tired of the TNG theme playing over and over.

Update: I've owned my machine for a few months now and am really enjoying the game. I'm not the greatest at pinball and just discovered a new mode after about 200 games (Spoiler). You can get to Warp 9, then 9.1, and 9.2 in a special mode that provides custom callouts, big points, and challenging shots. I really like discovering new modes outside of the wizard mode and it was a really nice touch. The Cannons are well integrated. I'm not huge on color leds, but I really like and recommend putting green lights in the borg ship. This really ads to the immersion and they only come on when the borg multiball is active.
1 year ago
Fun game that I've only gotten to play a few times. I get the idea this has a really deep rule set. I am not a huge fan of the theme but it is fun to play. I get the idea this machine is going to be a pain to maintain in a decade or two. Compare the complexity of this against a twilight zone. All in all it is fun, and I think if I had unlimited access to one and could learn the rule set it would be even better.
1 year ago
I'm going to go against the flow and say this one is not my favorite. I can just never get into it. The mini-playfield is cool, but the magnetic flippers are hard to use. I don't really follow the rules and don't know what I'm supposed to do. Maybe this is one of those machines where you have to fully understand the rule set to have a lot of fun. I have never found a twilight zone that didn't sound like shitake mushrooms. Maybe it's just the age of the machines but I find the sound quality on these to be sub-par. I'm also not a huge fan of the playfield art. I like the theme though...
1 year ago
My boss has one of these he has brought into the company breakroom, and I probably have a few hundred plays on it. It is a really fun machine that I can't beat to save my life. It's biggest flaws are it's artwork, the bumpers, and the death star shot. The playfield artwork looks like it was done by a high schooler in photoshop. It's terrible. The pop bumpers in the back are too hard to see, and the ones by the flippers are too powerful and often bump the ball hard to the left, and out of play. The game is fun though... the movie clips are cool and the whammy button is well used (IMO). The tie fighter mini-game is easy to grasp and I like the way the different characters play differently. However, the "choose your character" may be confusing to beginners. All in all it is a fun game, but not my favorite new modern Stern.

Edit: After playing a few hundred more games on this, I've knocked the score up a bit for 2 reasons.

1. I finally got far enough to discover the exploding death star. It's a great toy.
2. I finally discovered how to get to hyperspace multiball... the hyperloop is a cool unique toy.
3. The lastability on this game is superb. After a year in the office I never made it beyond the mini-wizard victory modes, but always felt like just one more game.
1 year ago
This game is probably the greatest pinball machine ever made. It has a simple and easy to grasp rule set and goal for beginners, and lots of things to do for pinball masters. The theme is awesome, and the remake is amazing. I love this machine and if I could only have one (and afford it) it would be this one.
1 year ago
World Cup Soccer is a fantastic machine because of it's approachability for new players and rule set for more seasoned players. My 4 and 6 year old like this game and will just try to score goals the whole time. I like the machine and try to actually advance from city to city. The goalie is a great unique toy, and the spinning soccer ball is neat too. The sound on this is awesome with a big speaker underneath and 2 in the backbox. The animations are also very good for it's time. The music can get a little repetitive and the dog on the backglass is a love it or hate it thing. If you want a pin that's approachable to kids and beginners, and has some staying power for a more advanced player, look no farther.

This machine left my house after a couple of months. This is a very fun machine, but is not really deep enough to hold my attention in a one machine collection. I'd buy this and put it on location in a heartbeat, but upon repeated plays there is only so much to do. Light the ball, hit the ramps, make a goal, travel, hit the ramps, make a goal, get to the world cup. I can see this as being a fantastic game to play competitively in a tournament as it is not very random, but if you are looking for a deep game this is not it. The theme is very family friendly and it is a lot of fun, but I'd look at it as a shallow but simple game, kind of like an easy fish tales as far as depth goes. I'm lowering my rating after ending my honeymoon phase with this machine. This was great for the time, but doesn't hold up as well as some other early 90s machines for depth like the Bally's Widebodies.
1 year ago
It's a fun game that I get tired of after only a few plays. I understand it is the all time number 1 on this site but I just can't get into it. I really wish the music was better. The falling down castle has got to be the greatest toy of all time, but I really want something better than the default merlin on the machine. Additionally, I have yet to see a medieval madness in the wild where the castle fully works. The trolls are cool. All in all a cool machine but not my all time number 1.