How I got the bug.

By sandersj

January 01, 2014

7 years ago

I started collecting arcade machines back in the 90's to kill time and blow money during a divorce but never really did pinballs much. After the divorce cleared up I operated a local 45 piece location for a few years but eventually got out. I have an old website from 1997 that I left up ( and for years I regularly got emails with "can you fix my arcade machine?". 99% of the time the answer was no but I got an email from a guy that had an Addams Family that had been in a house fire and since it was such a cool machine I offered to help. We tried to get together for months but our schedules never meshed up and I got a message one day saying that he was going to put it out on the curb and did I want it? I of course said "hell yes", jumped in the truck and headed his way.

Turns out that he had inherited the pin from his sister that had died in a murder/suicide/house fire. Link to that incident is here. Yes, a very sad but true story.

The game was ROUGH as can be expected. It was so nasty that I couldn't even take it into the basement without cleaning it up first. I hadn't seriously worked on a pin in about a decade so I had to crawl back up the learning curve. I wimped out and just threw money at the restoration and one month and $1200 in parts later I had a working (and mostly clean) Addams family.

I had so much fun repairing the game and it was such a blast to play I totally got the pinball bug and I now own 30+ with a MMR on order. Some friends of mine own a local brewery and I run a six piece location in their taproom. Not really making any money and its waaaaay more work than financial return but its pretty fun to run the pinball arcade at a brewery taproom.

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