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4 years ago
Repeatable loop and orbit shots make this game a speed and flow monster.
"Skid ramp" shot is one of the best (and fastest) 3rd flipper shots out there.
6 years ago
Game Code is deep and rules are really good.
Some of the call outs lack a little panache (Beast).
Loaded with toys and great artwork.
Has one of the best multiball starts in pinball.
There is a huge difference between LE and pro versions of this machine.
Lots of tight shots.
A widebody trapped in a standard body design.
7 years ago
Congo had the shortest stay in my collection.

The Good:
Background sound/music is very good.
Ramps are fun to shoot.
Great multiball start.

The Bad:
Ruleset is lackluster.
All shots (except the ramps) are meh.
Video mode leaves you wanting.
Amy call outs are grating.
The part that really drove me to trade the game though was that most shots end up in the jet bumpers where they invariably get ejected into the drains (leaving you with that "hey that's not fair!" feeling)... and so to stay away from cheap drains the game basically gives you one shot (the left ramp). The right ramp is fantastic (if you can make it) but it is very tight and if you miss it the ball goes into the pops and then... Hey!

Better games for the price out there.
7 years ago
The Shadow has only one flaw...Baldwin!
Great flow and speed with lots of shots.
Overall great ruleset (with modes that have an additional bonus mode if you complete the first one) there is even a secret mode built in.
It has one of the best upper playfields and the ball lock is also one of the best and never gets old.
Managing the diverters are challenging and transform 2 ramps into 4.
The game offers various ways of playing it so you can mix it up once in a while.
Throw in the alternate translilte artwork by Aurich and it is a top pin. (It's a top pin without it really)
The Shadow is my personal favorite (even though it's not at the top of my personal ratings) as the original artwork lowers my ratings down on it somewhat. (I refuse to fanboy my favorites up to a perfect "10" like certain others do on here...)
2 must have mods for this game...LEDs and the backboard decal!
7 years ago
The flippers must be snappy or you will not get the full value of this very underrated and under appreciated game.

Ramps are no gimmes, if you are a noob you'll have a tough time hitting them consistently and game play may feel a bit "clunky" but once you do there is great flow and the ball moves fast. Gameplay also offers opportunity for strategy.

There are lots of different modes, great combo shots, several different multiballs and 2 wizard modes (not counting the Midnight Madness mode!). Canon is well integrated into game play.

Call outs are all done by Clint Eastwood himself and integrate famous one liners from at least 4 of the Dirty Harry movies. The light and sound sequence for hitting "Jackpot" is one of the best and always satisfying.

Playfield art is so-so but the backglass and especially the cabinet art are great.

Playfield is underlit and needs some strategically placed lighting to pop.

Drop target "door" entering the warehouse was deleted shortly after production started...would have been nice had they kept it.

All in all great game that continues to keep my interest.