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5 years ago
Aerosmith is a great machine. Very fun to play for all skill levels. Plenty of shots that feel satisfying to hit with smooth flow. I first played AS pro and immediately was hooked, the toy box air launch and multiball are so cool & the magnet is hyper active.

I bought a LE and debated with myself about the upper playfeild before playing it. I feel the upper playfeild is integrated into the game perfectly. It doesn't take anything away from the main playfeild and adds to the overall play of the game. The elevator lock shoots the ball up to play, hit all the targets if you can and then either drop the ball in the elevator down to the toy box lock or make the upper orbit to start double scoring. Really awesome if you can get this with elevator multiball. Speaking of the right ramp orbit, you can also make that later for double scoring as long as your ball remains in play. The ramp is a bit steeper than the pro so it's a little tougher shot to make but oh so satisfying to hit it's very smooth and loops right around the upper playfeild and doesn't stop the flow at all.

The look and feel of this game is amazing, I like the theme and song choices, they go along with gameplay very well. The light show is top notch too. Top quality game that will only get better with code updates.