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1 year ago
I've had this game for a few months now and enjoy playing the game a lot. I think it offers a lot of bang for the buck as this game can be picked up for less than 4k. The theme is obviously bizarre but the sounds and callouts are paired quite well with the theme. It's a cool game and a family friendly machine. Fits well in any size collection from a single pin to larger collections.
4 years ago
Really cool game. The call outs are obviously early data east which tend to be short 1 or 2 words phrases, the art work is busy but fitting. The game does have appeal and the music is very catchy. Anyopne who has owned this game or remembers playing it will know exactly what I mean. The cool gimmick of this game are the mechanical pin chimes that sound off as you progress through the game by "going back in time" through the 80's, 70's, 60's and 50's. This is when you get multiball. I am always looking for family friendly pins and this one hits the mark. This is enjoyed by all generations. The only reason why I sold mine was because I was pressured into selling it by the guy who came to look at another machine I had for sale. He didn't want the other one and fell in love with time machine instead. A good all around pin.
4 years ago
Whirlwind was one of my favorite pins to play back in the early 90s. I loved when the fan would start to blow during the storm. The spinning discs on the playfield are also a really cool gimmick. The game has some really nice artwork, the callouts are funny, the light show is cool and the sound tracks during game play are iconic. My game does not have LED for the GI lighting and so I find it to have rather dim general illumination. To me it appears as if the number of GI lights around the perimeter of the game table are not enough to light this game properly. I will be adding LED bulbs to the GI circuit soon which will improve it. Overall a great pin.
4 years ago
I like road show but don't love it. The theme is so so, pretty vanilla which allows it to be added to any game room and great for a family. The call outs and DMD animations can be entertaining and humerous. The widebody aspect allows for the placement of 2 pinmation talking heads of red and ted which add to the fun. The rule set is repetitive. It has a shaker motor that is capable of rattling your house. As a matter of fact, I updated the Game Roms to add the option of turning down the intensity of the shaker motor. That helped tremendously. I've owned my machine for a little while and it is in stellar shape. Not sure how long this one will last in my collection though....I would part with it but doubt that my kids will want me to.
4 years ago
I used to own a Sorcerer but sold it to a good friend for safe keeping. It was my first and only pin for over 20 years. This pin has fantastic artwork and lots of color. The game play is smooth but predictable. Being a system 9 game, it is rather simple and only has 2 ball multiball. The ramp shot gets easy after a while but still rewarding when you area awarded multiball.

To me, this game is classic pinball the way it used to be. Modern enough to have speech and multiball but old school enough to only have numeric displays, decent light and sound, classic them and plenty of fun. A recommended game for classic pinball purists.
4 years ago
I have owned funhouse for several year and have no plans to part with it. Some feel the theme is creepy because of Rudy but I feel that is the best part. Many who play it at my house are very amuse by it and want to play it over and over. This is one of my favorite pins. It is collectible and makes for a nice game room pin. The colors are vibrant, the sounds and music are appropriate. The call outs are funny. Overall a great pin.
4 years ago
I find Space Station to be one of the best System 11 games out there. It is also better than some newer more modern games. The light and sound shows are awesome. The game is pretty simple but fun. This machine makes for a great family pin and is much more affordable compared to some of the outrageously priced newer games. Classic pinball in my opinion. "Green Mode" multiball is really cool. My game has LEDs so the light show is even more phenomenal. The only thing that I found unusual at first was the lack of "inlanes" next to the lower left and right sling shots. It makes game play a little more awkward at first but you eventually get used to it. I dont even think about that anymore.

I have bought and sold a bunch of non dmd era solid state pins, namely system 9, system 11, early WPC and data east because I get bored with them quickly but see this one staying in my collection for now. I recommend this game for anyone wishing for a cool machine that is not to expensive, not too gaudy and cheesy, cool space theme, good family game that would make a great addition to any game room...