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9 years ago
It's refreshing to see a pin with hand-drawn artwork, instead of composites of photos like earlier pins. Sure, X-Men had it, but that is a comic book theme, so it doesn't count.

The voice callouts can be a bit strange, with band members complimenting your shots or egging you on. Among the corniest one(but most amusing) is James singing "JACK PAAAHT".

Now what about the music? Some personal bias here. With most music I like, early Metallica = best Metallica. Songs like "One" & "Sad But True" are too slow of a tempo to be enjoyed in a fast game. But thankfully there are some older songs available such as Seek & Destroy, and the choice, like AC/DC is always up to you.

There's more going on with the playfield than Avengers ever did, without crowding it . The standard fan layout, while getting a bit tiresome, is saved with some PF objects. Besides the Sparky mascot, there's a column(not a row) of drop targets. Get past those & you hit the crucifix. I haven't seen that since 8-Ball Deluxe, and was happy to see it again.
9 years ago
The only downside with AC/DC is sometimes the lighting can be a bit too much with some modes. Depending on the mode, you(the player) can be dazzled with the ultra-bright lights facing you.

Cost-wise, the sunken mini-playfield is a bit too much for Stern's asking, but an okay addition to the machine.

The fun factor is cranked to the maximum compared to all other Stern offerings as of late. The strength is in the music.
10 years ago
The only downside is the sound uttered from every flipper hit. Other than that, this game is a sleeper hit. The fantasy theme goes well, and the playfield is very unique. There's so much going on & so many places for the ball to go around. Compare this with cookie cutter layouts of more recent machines.