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11 months ago
Police Force gets shunned for being a one-trick pony with the center ramp to rack up unlimited millions, but there is so much more to do to earn points. I'm not a good enough player to consistently make the same shot over and over all day, so I tend to try to lock up the criminals and go for the timed jackpot or try to spell POLICE to get a shot at the Top Cop bonus. These objectives are little more difficult to achieve then going for the center ramp, so I can see why people focus on repeating the center ramp shot, which tends to make the rules a bit imbalanced. Multiball doesn't add too much to the gameplay, but watching the cop car deliver the two balls is neat. The callouts and music are catchy and ties to the theme well. Perhaps one of the best System 11s in the audio department. The artwork is Disney cops and robbers, but I don't have any problems with it. I see the similarities with Taxi with the layout and objectives. This game is a lot more fun to shoot then the rating would indicate. I find it difficult to get big scores. For Mark Ritchie designed System 11 pins, I like it more than Diner so far as the playfield isn't so cluttered and this offers more shot variety. Taxi is still my favorite from his designs of this era.
1 year ago
One of Pat Lawlor's greatest designs. Fun layout and shots - can see the inspiration from Lawlor's earlier game designs in this one. Perfect application of The Addams Family license - the artwork, playfield toys, and callouts tie it all together for a remarkable experience. Plenty of depth to collect all 12 rooms in the Addams' mansion and then shoot for the mansion tour. It's a special game and is priced at a premium for a reason.

Edit: Brought score down a bit due to chair, ramp repetitive shots. Close to being the total package, but not quite.
1 year ago
I like Lawlor designed games, but Funhouse just doesn’t do much for me. Rudy the talking head is innovative and his call outs are humorous, but it just wasn’t an interesting game to play. I think the objective is to move the clock to midnight and get Rudy to sleep, not completely sure. It has some interesting shots, but in the end, a couple game session is good enough for me. Whirlwind is the pinnacle of Lawlor games from this era (Funhouse feels like a System 11, but it’s not one). I don't get the upwards of $10k going rate for this machine. Would rather spend the cash on The Addams Family.
1 year ago
Just kind of a "meh" game for me. Played a couple times and that was good enough for me. Really wanted to like this game, it has a cool playfield layout, but ruleset wasn't easy to follow and the gameplay just didn't have good flow to it.
1 year ago
Fun game if you like crazy ramps! Playfield feels like being in a rapids. Rule set isn’t real clear to newbs at first other than shooting for the blinking light. Neat theme concept, but game play feels a little repetitive after a couple plays to go for long sessions. Lacks "one more game" feel.
1 year ago
As a fisherman, the theme drew me to Fish Tales. Everything about it screams fishing…catching fish, exaggerating fish sizes, and dealing with annoying waterskiers just to name a few. First couple plays, you notice it’s no easy machine to master. The boat ramp shots can get repetitive if you get into a rhythm. Multiballs are earned. This game makes good use of the DMD with the waterskier video mode. Top part of the playfield might be too busy for some. Not the deepest game, but the difficulty brings people back. I like the game, but it doesn't have that "one more game" feel to it.
1 year ago
Perhaps the one pin that was responsible for pinball's resurgence in the mid-80s. Its popularity spawned ports to video games, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The premise was simple - light the stoplights red, run the light, then evade the police. The game played fast, living up to the namesake, and involved placing shots up ramps and stationary targets to change the lights. It is a good game for beginners. Experienced players might get bored with the ruleset simplicity. Might not be the best 1980s pin, but it played an important role in the history of the industry.
1 year ago
Above average pin, and unique theme. Kind of like Taxi, but with food. I tend to gravitate towards other System 11 machines like Taxi, Pinbot, and Whirlwind that flow better for me without the playfield clutter, but this is fun for something different. It's more challenging than Taxi as I struggle with just serving one customer. The playfield toys and artwork tie the diner theme together nicely. In the political correct world we live in, this could never be remade without alterations to the customers.
1 year ago
Another 80s classic. One of the more colorful playfields of it's time. The opening and closing of Pinbot's face to give it's ability to see was pretty revolutionary for it's time. Trying to travel across all the various planets was challenging. Really good flow, but perhaps repetitive in completing the color matrix to open up Pinbot.
1 year ago
Just kind of an average pin for me. I felt a better job could have been done to bring out the personalities in the game. Maybe it could have benefited from a DMD. Played a couple games and that was good enough for me. The spinning card hand on the backglass is about the only memorable takeaway from this machine.
1 year ago
Taxi was the game that got me into pinball as a child, but Whirlwind renewed my interest in pinball during my college years when the game was sitting in the student center. Game has good flow, requires well timed shots, and the spinning disks add a new dimension. The lighting is amazing and immerses you into the game, along with the fan on top of the backbox. Good pin for beginners and provides experienced players with a challenge. Maybe only knock is that extra balls are too easy to earn for advanced players on factory settings. I enjoy thunderstorms, so the theme is right up my alley. Definitely a classic!
1 year ago
Taxi was what got me interested in pinball in my childhood. The game play was fast, the cast of characters as riders was interesting, and the callouts and sounds were memorable. Everything just tied together to make it one great game experience. Who can forget that jackpot bell? It was both exciting and scary at the same time. Wasn't sure if I broke the machine when I first heard it. It's a top 5 pin for me...a classic.
1 year ago
Not a pinball machine, so not judged as such. If you are expecting a pinball like experience, this isn't for you. This pitch-and-bat is a love letter to late 80's/early 90's baseball and is easy to pick up and play and is FUN! The artwork is humorous. Imposes some strategy on when to call for a pitch hitter. Base stealing feature is a nice little touch and along with target values changing depending on the batter. Definitely a better two player game, but entertaining enough if you just want to smack the ball around and try to "go yard" in one player mode. The Heckler is certainly memorable.

I see this like bubble hockey, something that two people can just pick up and play and would be a hit at parties. This would fit right in with a Chexx table or Hot Shot Basketball.
1 year ago
The helicopter toy is about the only thing memorable with this pin.
1 year ago
Fun "Clue"-like game where crimes are committed in a casino, named Tony's Palace, that the protagonist is trying to solve. Total of five cases are present. This pin seems to be story driven where you are trying to track down evidence and interrogate suspects, and is all played out on the DMD. Since you are watching the DMD a lot, the game doesn't have the greatest flow. The elevator ramp seems to be the focal point of the playfield, but the slot machine and roulette wheel are nice features and adds to the atmosphere of being in Tony's Palace. Not to mention one of the few titles where you can gamble your score. Music and lighting play to the 1930's scene. This is an underrated game in my eyes, and one to collect with a little more than 2,000 machines produced. I can see this being one for the home. The theme has broad appeal for the whole family. Biggest issue with this game seems to be more on the mechanical side with the slot reels not always working from extended use, which requires servicing. I think this game would greatly benefit from a ColorDMD upgrade, especially with the roulette wheel and having red actually look like red, instead of orange. Could see a lastability issue with suspect interrogations becoming repetitive once you cycle through all the dialogue multiple times. Fun game for what it is.

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