JUST purchased my FIRST PIN!!!

By RyanClaytor

February 17, 2012

9 years ago

I grew up playing on my dad's pins in California (first a Charlie's Angels SS, followed by a Mr. & Mrs. Pac-man and a Flash Gordon). Currently living in Michigan. Recently became reaquainted with the hobby and I still have that pin-noob enthusiasm.

I purchased my first pin on Feb 25th, 2012. I'd been coveting a Whirlwind for about a year and finally got one of my own. The most recent news about my collection, besides adding a few more titles since 2012) is that my wife, son, and I recently purchased our first home, which afforded me a dedicated space to put my pins.

Outside of pinball I am a university art professor and comics artist. You can find out more about my comics here: http://www.ElephantEater.com

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9 years ago

Welcome to the Pinside Ryan!
Good luck on your 2012 pinball pilgrimage...

9 years ago

Welcome Ryan!!! Your are in a great area for pinball so getting your first will be easy, it's keeping them from replicating that will be tough!

9 years ago

Welcome to Pinside, Ryan!

9 years ago

Good luck on your hunt for the silver ball
check our top 100 pins list when you get a chance

9 years ago

It seems like Michigan has several vendors for pinball if I have the recollection correct. Good luck!

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