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Market ads and buyer feedback

Get seller insights about Ry4bo. How much games did they list, sell and what kind of feedback was received?

Archived for sale ads

Pinsider Ry4bo listed and ended these for sale ads on the market. Note that wanted ads are not archived.

archived ads

These ads are no longer available. Found 6 archived ads.

Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “I have it in my possession. Easy to get to we're in the middle of the country. Looking cash or a trade. EHOH, Indiana Jones, Shadow, GB, TOAN, Willy Wonka, routed Sterns +/- cash”
Wichita, KS
Archived after: 131 days
Viewed: 475 times
Status: Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Looking to trade or sell my Metallica Premium for any JJP or some of the newer Sterns. Also would do a trade for games like TOTAN and Indiana Jones. My Metallica has nice lolli...”
Wichita, KS
Archived after: 4 days
Viewed: 337 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
As is “My loss can be your gain. Fully working before it fell off my truck an hour ago. Fully populated playfield with an extra set of rails and some decals. The playfield is 8 out of ...”
Wichita, KS
Archived after: 1 day
Viewed: 1065 times
Status: Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Goldeneye Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Very nice playing game. Relive those times of being up all night playing the N64. The magnets and satellite work. Very nice playfield cabinet shows some wear. Open to trade o...”
Wichita, KS
Archived after: 3 days
Viewed: 213 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Partially shopped/refurbished “Fully functioning with leds. Small amount of damage to the cabinet sticker. You can buy new stickers for around 60 dollars. Playfield and display close to perfect.”
Wichita, KS
Archived after: 0 days
Viewed: 29 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider

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