CoinOp Addiction

By rvalkenburg

May 16, 2017

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5 years ago

My story began when I was 15 when I got a part time job working in the local arcade and then during the next 3 summers working on the boardwalk arcades in NJ. Then when I was 22 my older brother moved into his new house and there it was, a 1964 World Fair in the basement, left by the previous owners. The machine did not work, so I bought it from my brother for $50 and took it home. Now I own my first machine, I spent 3 months working on it and learning the mechanical aspects of the machine and poof, working. Since then anything you put a coin in, jukeboxes, video games, pinball, gumball, slot machines, etc... I would buy, repair and sell. Over the years I Iost a great many of my games, but still have my World Fair. Some one recently asked me, when will I buy one of the new pins, e.g. Ghostbusters, I said once I find one broken down on a route, I would not know what to do with a machine that was out of the box. The fun aspect for me is the chase, the find and the repair. My final words about my addiction, there is a very big difference between getting a game working and fixing it...

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5 years ago

Couldn't agree more. Broken games are the most fun.

5 years ago

Great story. If I moved into a house and found World Fair in the basement I'd be literally hopping around with joy.

That's how it used to be. Classic old games could somtimes be had practically for free. A colleague of mine heard that I like pinball and told me that when she moved into her current flat (about 30 years ago) there was a pinball machine in the attic. The other tenants didn't know whose it was, so she put a classified ad in the local paper offering the game for free to anyone who was willing to pick it up. Noone replied, so it was taken to the dump :-(

1 year ago

Great story, guess I need to work on mine. now it all makes sense, I remember seeing that machine in your arcave.

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