Reborn love of Pinball

By rustybomber79

May 02, 2013

8 years ago

Wow, a lot has a changed since I first joined pinside, my original story now sounds like it was written by another person.... I went from some guy who was "interested" in pinball to actually owning some. I feel like it's time to make a edit. So without having to change the title, I would like to share these 2 stories which made me love pinball in the first place.

I have 2 games that stick out in my mind as great memories and probably were factor in keeping me interested in pinball to come back years later and rediscover the game and thus get into the hobby.

Story 1:I was about 11 or 12 years old and went to a skating rink in a nearby town with my friends family. There was a Jokerz there. I did not know jack squat about pinball other than don't let the ball drain. I plopped my quarters in and off I went. The DJ announced it was time for a backwards skate, my buddy comes over and says "c'mon man they are doing the backwards skate!" My reply is "hold on I am playing a game". Backward skate comes and goes, a few more songs come and go.... Then it is time for the reverse skate (instead of going counter clockwise you go clockwise around the rink), This time he comes back with his brothers too. "what are you doing? your going to miss it" He says. Again I apologize, I mean I paid money to play this game I am going to get my moneys worth. This similar conversation happens a few times and even his Dad comes over to see if I am ok, I have been "missing" for a long time. It is still probably the longest game I ever played and I ended up at the top of the score board, entered my initial and went back skating.

Story 2:Basically the same situation. It was the night of my high school graduation and we were having an all night "lock in" called "Project Graduation" at the local Bowling ally. They had a Revenge From Mars, I had never seen anything like it, Pinball 2000 was amazing. Had a super long game with my friends coming over.... "Dude were starting another game you in?" Sure I'll be over in a minute........ "Hey your up, you coming?" Bowl my turn for me I'll be there in a sec....... They were giving away door prizes that night, good ones too, "Dude, they are doing the door prizes" Yeah, I can hear them from here...... Another long game, with a place on the high score board.Now everytime I see a game in public I walk up hoping to have another epic game, never happens, but someday I hope I will have another highly memorable game.

...........although, I am probably looking through rose colored glasses.... I have probably had much better games since, but not as thrilling or unexpected as when I was younger......... oh the loss of youth..... haha

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8 years ago

Good luck in the hunt for pin #1! Going to the annual pinball shows/expos is a great way to narrow down your search. PAPA's extensive pin-video library with gameplay and tutorials can also give you some good info about a particular machine. Welcome!

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