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7 years ago
Utterly brilliant and brutal at the same time. Love it to bits! Lightning flippers are hard to master however. Sounds a little tinny, but everything else is a winner! Quotes from the movie are very well timed.
10 years ago
Its ok, but the tunes and call outs kill it for me. Played it at a recent show and was surprised i didnt hate it. Its a great quality pin with some very nice features, but JJP is going to have to try much harder than that to get my money.
10 years ago
Mega fast game, blown away by that. Hate the SDTM bell shots, the cannon and the crappy dancing band toy, but the flow makes up for my lack of love for AC/DC in general. Sounds are fantastic too. Not a rock fan at all, but i think this game could get anyone to rock away whilst they play.
10 years ago
One of the fastest out there. Loop smashing on this pin is beyond a joke. That said, i do love playing it and just cant seem to drag myself off it. Awesome game for not too much cash. Great stuff.
11 years ago
The first time i played this game i was entertained for hours. After a while it becomes a chore to play to get to a desired mode/feature and whilst its a decent machine, it just bored the crap outta me. Some very nice touches and the kids love it so its not all bad. Just not what i expected at all.
11 years ago
To many this pin is awesome. I just cant stand it. The sounds are terrible and crackly (although they suit the pin) The shots are boring and whilst i like the thought of a monster inspired pin, the 50's theme really makes me want to fall asleep. Not a fan at all.
11 years ago
Really like the theme and the playfield layout really suits it. Some challenging modes and some nice shots to aim for, but the sound package is not so good and has some really loud soundbites that you can hear from mars.... Restored one for a friend and realised its not one i would want for my home for any serious length of time.
11 years ago
Smashing the trunk over and over gets old quickly, but theres some nice touches. The main voice guiding you through the game is horrible, as is the wizard mode (if you can call it that), but theres some really nice flow so what it lacks in substance it makes up for with pretty light shows and snazzy cab artwork.
11 years ago
A very good theme with even nicer flow, but i cant help but get a little bored after a while. Some of the gameplay can be a little repetitive, but for the most part its a good 'un. I'd buy it for strobe multiball alone.
11 years ago
Deeper than a deep thing in deep town. Some really annoying things like the ball VUK cueing a 'ting ting ting' noise that really grinds on me, and fact you have to spend hours standing in front of it to get anywhere, but it remains Sterns finest ever creation. I really wanted to hate it, but i just cant deny its brilliance. (update: I now own it. Slightly better than i first thought, altered ratings to reflect)
11 years ago
No fear is all about speed and brutal gameplay. Another game that requires god like fingertips. Not much to offer other than smashing the ball around the playfield and jump ramp. A great game to get take aggression out on. Most games i have on this are about perfecting my timing so i enjoy it more than most, but i can also see why people can hate it. Video mode is probably the worst ever, and the sportsman themed modes are very boring. Look past that and you find its a speed demon just gagging for someone with skill to play it.
11 years ago
The best executed pin license ever? Damn right. Fight the borg for the first time and you get chills. Cannons are a nice touch even if they do rob the game of flow. Own one for any length of time and you will never want to see one again. Its like wathcing star trek over and over and over. Got very tiresome to play due to the linear gameplay which plays like a movie. Once you've done it, start all over and do it again. Not one for the home imho.
11 years ago
Another fantastic jpop game. Very pretty and decent to play if not quite difficult. Has a great genie battle and end video sequence, but very little to offer in terms of gameplay substance and lastability.
11 years ago
I just dont like this game. Feels like a version of SS and CFTBL mashed into one machine. Utterly boring for me. Not sure why many rate it so high.
11 years ago
Had a shadow at home, but it was too difficult for my family and friends to play with any real success. Can be a real b*tch to play sometimes, but i mostly enjoyed it. Its feature packed and requires godlike timing skills to get anywhere. Modes and animations are very cool, as are the taunts when you fail to get a hit on the mini battlefield. Sold mine to fund another machine. It kicked my ass most of the time, but i would buy anotehr in a heartbeat. Great game.
11 years ago
This machine got me into pinball. I can play TAF for hours. Mostly due to nostalgia, but it really is a superb game. Some very well executed modes and features but the sound is a little poor which lets it down compared to some of the newer dcs games. That said, its a hoot to play, has a good mix of flow and stop/start gameplay and a genuinely fantastic multiball sequence. Will always hold a special place in my fingertips.
11 years ago
Love this game, probably more than any other. Why? The awesome, multi level gameplay that i just cant get enough of. Another adrenaling pumping game that has buckets of fun to offer. Home roms are a must and the wizard mode is FANTASTIC. The best machine from jpop by far.
11 years ago
I just dont know why people rate this game so high. If you are into nicely flowing tables, forget this one. Its nasty to play, and even nastier to listen to. Its probably the sound that kills this one for me the most. Tinny and scratchy...ugh. Gameplay is just stop/start/stop/start but if you like that sort of thing theres seems to be plenty to do. Not my cup 'o tea at all.
11 years ago
What can i say? Its MM, every pin lover knows its a good one. I love it to bits. Deep without being boring, comedy driven gameplay, decent shots and amazing sound that will stay with you forever. The finest pin out there? Dont know about that, but it certainly deserves its place as one of the very best.
11 years ago
Just cant stop playing this game. Hours and hours i have wasted playing this game and i can honestly say its the fastest, most ass kicking machine out there right now. Get some combos flying and stack those multis for pant wetting ,eye boggling speed you can either deal with or whine about. Awesome machine.
11 years ago
A very challenging game that will keep you entertained for years. Cant say enough good things about this one. Flow, modes, excitement building soundtrack and a timeless theme. A fine machine to own in the home.
11 years ago
Had an SS for a while. Loved it at first, but if found the game too easy to complete (aside from spider multiball) and it became very repetitive. Loved the theme, and the coffin 'booing' at you as my favourite toy. A decent game for a time, but has no lastability in the home.

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