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7 years ago
Better than the original Black Knight and has a hot chic on the back glass and stenciled game head. Nuff Said..... :)
7 years ago
Flash is a Williams 1979 Greek God themed pinball machine that is the first pin with background noise as you play. Very similar sounds to Blackout and Time Warp that came out at almost the same time.
Nice machine that has its place in the hobby.
I really love the sounds.
7 years ago
Sea Witch is a beautiful machine when taken care of. A waxed playfield and properly maintained flippers add to speed and flow. Can be a very fast game but it's enjoyable.
3 banks of drop targets is a nice effect. The riptide is a satisfying shot to make that play all the way around.

Great artwork on the playfield and the backglass.
Looking forward to more games on this early SS Stern.
7 years ago
Medusa is one of those early 80's Bally pins that has beautiful and creative artwork.

The sounds are also vintage early Bally with the cool voice similar to Centaur and Fathom.
Upper playfield with zipper flippers is a neat gimmick but the game isn't easy. The challenge of a good game adds to the respect many players give it. Rules are pretty cool for that time period and lower playfield is tough as outlanes are usually unforgiving.

They also didn't make many of them so it could be considered a collectible piece much like many of the above mentioned Bally titles.

Great pinball machine in my opinion!
8 years ago
Very under-rated game, still. Nice rule set but can be difficult for some to see and get.
When dialed in plays very well in the Pat Lawlor fashion.
Great lighting effects when nice LED's are put in. I've played ugly RBION's and beautiful ones and it all comes down to care and attention to detail.
Worth considering for your collection.
8 years ago
Very cool quirky science fiction themed pin in the vein of 60's science fiction like Forbidden Planet, Fantastic Voyage, or Planet of the Vampires, etc.,.
Probably lacks high ratings due to low production and not many people knowing about it.
Very cool for its time and different from a lot of pins coming out in that time period.

Love the music and sounds especially. Game play is fun and fits well in any collection.
8 years ago
Black Knight 2000 was released in 1989 and for the Williams System 11 (this was B) I feel it was ahead of its time.
The light affects are amazing especially if upgraded to newer LED's. Sounds are cool too and epitomize the late 80's.
Playfield is fast and unforgiving at times especially with high speed U-turn shots. It can also be a drainer but that ads to the challenge.
I don't understand what people say about it only being a right handed player. The game plays a lot off of the left flipper as you need to hit the spin shot for double knights challenge and lightning wheel. Those are two integral parts of the game.
Will this pin leave my collection anytime soon? "No way!"
8 years ago
I like what dtown says in his review and I share his thoughts. For a game of this era (early 80's) Centaur has to be one of the most advanced and innovative. This machine literally is/was an engineering feat.
Many firsts from Bally here, and many not duplicated again.
Playfield artwork is incredible and color scheme brilliant. Lights are amazing and if you upgrade to tasteful LED's you have a showstopper gem like no other.
My particular favorite of the game is the sounds, especially the haunting dystopian voice with echoing affect that typifies that timeframe. That alone makes the game and was another major milestone/advancement for that time.
The game is a major piece of playable art and easily deserves its place in the top 40 of all time among much less deserving titles.
9 years ago
This game is vastly under-rated and should easily be a top 100 pinball machine.
The artwork is incredible and themed well. The play is tough as outlanes can drain on a whim but the game is wonderful in many ways. The sounds are incredible for a 1985 pinball and the light show is second to none in this time frame too.
Score the multi-ball after a 2x or 3x or higher multiplier and watch your score rack up but don't underestimate the power of sorcerer as he taunts you and tells you who the master really is!
Sorcerer is a great game and if you can try it out make sure you do - you won't be disappointed!
9 years ago
This game is a not only a playable piece of art but an iconic pinball machine for its' theme, music, artwork, and feel. For me it's about the way pinballs make me feel when I see them, hear them and play them. Haunted House is one of those games I'd never forget.
The back glass is stunning with its creepy house and lightning flashes. The colors are very cool too with the eerie glowing green in the background. The playfield has a sort of old feel to it as a spooky haunted house would have in the vein of the Haunted Mansion at Disney World or some 70's carnival spook house. The playfield has been criticized for being somewhat barren but that's just the way it is when you have a lower cellar to play on and backwards at that.
It's just a really neat game with a unique niche feel you cannot describe unless you've played it.
A collector's piece second to none.
9 years ago
An early Steve Ritchie masterpiece. Like Gorgar, a trailblazer into the pinball world and still holds major value with me today. Awesome light display for that time period especially with the count down to multi-ball. Just a really cool space themed game.

Firepower is one of those games that you get into a zone with and once you start hitting your multipliers the game can run up nicely. Many complain it either drains or when aiming for your center targets can run down the center, but when you get the sweet spot the game literally sings. The multi-ball can come at a wonderful time when you have a 4X or higher multiplier going. keep the balls in play and it's a great feeling. F-I-R-E-P-O-W-E-R!
9 years ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of those machines that doesn't get enough respect in my opinion.

One of the few pins that really sets the horror theme very well. Very eerie sounds and light effects. The red DMD works so well on this game with new LED lighting.

Set up properly the game can be brutal and unforgiving. Perhaps that is why many either love it or hate it. It is definitely challenging.

This is one of those staple pins in my collection.
9 years ago
Tough game. Takes time to get used to. Shots can be narrow and bumpers on the left can be a bad place to be but ramp shots are key. Very nice game to have in your collection, however I feel over-rated in general.
9 years ago
Seeing Gorgar again brought back so many vivid and distinct memories of my youth. Gorgar (1979) fit my taste and liking. The Dungeons and Dragons era.
Everyone remembers the back glass, and it was typical of the era, AND it was a milestone pin (first talker) from a major manufacturer.
As an adolescent or teen with raging hormones how can you not remember that hot chic from the back glass? :)
Also that demon/devil Gorgar was scary looking as hell. I remember it catching and holding my eye and attention every time I went into the arcade called Gold Mine when they had it. I played it and it killed me!
Those were some of the best times and some of the great memories of childhood and discovering that era. Sad it's gone but this pinball machine brings the nostalgia to the forefront.