By rtotans

March 20, 2017

2 years ago

I always loved playing pinball as a kid. I would never walk by a pinball game without dropping some quarters in it. I was a district manager and in retail for over 22 years, until I got hurt. I had numerous back surgeries and 60 something shots in my back. All of a sudden I lost all of my sports that I played. Baseball, hockey, and bowling. I lost a lot. It took me 5 years wiithout finding a hobby, until finally I decided to buy a pinball game. Fixed it up a bit, sold it, and I enjoyed it. Until recently I could only afford to have one game at a time, Then I finally bought a 2nd pinball machine.  I finally found my niche. I still have alot to learn.

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9 months ago
Hi..not to many near me in nj selling..let me know if something comes me to other sellers close by if you don't mind

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