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2 years ago
This is a fantastic fun game to play , you choose to start with Alien or Aliens.

To have 2 different games in 1 makes it a lot more fun to play and new roules when you jump from one game to another .

The one i have has the 27" monitor in the backbox , that should everygame have if you ask me, its make the game som much more good looking and a lot of movie clips runs the screen.

I could wish for some more light in the lower part of the game , sometimes i think its a little to dark( i use to have quite dark in my game room )

The sound is impresive !!!!

love to play more
2 years ago
love this game , have bought a old in bad condition , new playfield baought and a lot of parts. Now just need 500 hour to fix it up as new,
Love the sound of it and its my first pinball game i ever played back in the days.