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10 days ago
My first and only NIB pin to date. I played this game on location a little over a year ago and knew I wanted to buy one right away. This game really is the complete package of a great game in my opinion. The theme is utilized greatly in every aspect. The cabinet and playfield art are great and colorful. Unlike a lot of other games, the lights really tell you what you're going for. Clips from the movie are used. Groot multiball is cool and fairly easy to obtain. The playfield layout is solid and is tough without being brutal. I think it is awesome that the game uses some songs from the movie soundtrack between modes. Speaking of modes, there are plenty of them and learning the strategy of what order to do them in keeps you coming back for more.
10 days ago
Meh, it's alright but just kind of a one and done game. The slingshots are like Space Mission, which i feel is a much better game than this one that is newer and solid state. World Cup just doesn't have the strategy or amount of shots that other games from the era have. It looks like an older EM Era playfield.

Pros: its usually cheap, soccer theme if that's your thing, and hey its still pinball. Great starter game.
26 days ago
Hot Wheels is a great game! Much prefer it over the new Turtles game. This game features quite a few different modes and multiballs to keep the game interesting. The theme is awesome - Hot Wheels has been around for generations so anyone can really connect with the theme IMO. The idea behind the game is to complete the race along with the different modes. The shaker motor in this game is cool and not over-used. Cool lighting and soundtrack, though at times the playfield can be a little dark - the art is very bright so it kinda balances out.
32 days ago
TMNT ties in an excellent theme with great artwork, sounds, music, callouts and lighting. The spinning disc is really cool with how it holds onto the balls before multiball. There really are some "wow" factor features in this game. The upper-left flipper is challenging and tough to get used to - Maybe because it seems way more games have only an upper-right flipper? My only issue with this game is the scoring. I'm a middle of the road player, and just cannot score anything on this game. I can get a 5-ball multiball and keep them in play for a while, hearing "jackpot" over and over, just to look up at my score and have 3 million? I feel like the rules aren't very clear in this one. As with other games these days, when it tells you to shoot for something, you have to decipher which of the 10 lit-up arrows it's talking about. I think this is a better game suited for home-use where you can really learn and practice because at a buck a play on location and not getting anywhere, there really is no "play it again" factor as far as the rules go.
3 months ago
Good budget game. Some fun shots with the basket, spinner and drop targets at the top. Music is generic/boring. The call outs are repetitive. The backglass is odd. Really weird scoring/rules. It's alright but does get old after a few games. The playfield isn't bad and with a better rule set and more balanced scoring, it would have been a much better game. Not a bad game to have if you're looking for a cheap DMD game... just you'll want to upgrade soon.
10 months ago
I was really excited to play this game, being that other classic Black Knight games are awesome. I feel that this version is lacking and just overall, sort of repetitive and boring. There is no real "wow" factor to the machine gameplay wise. It's okay to play here and there, but generally isn't my first pick of game.

The lighting, music and art package is awesome!
1 year ago
Super Mario Bros. - AWESOME theme! This title as you would guess, includes a lot music/sounds from Mario (Super Mario World to be exact). The sound and music quality is really good, and super nostalgic.

Game play is fairly simple. To fit with the Mario theme, the main goal is to destroy all 7 castles. You basically do this by lighting SUPER, and hitting the castle. Spelling SUPER is easy - Hit the left ramp, use the upper flipper to hit that ramp and get a letter. Hit one of the two (giant) scoops on the sides for the "R". Then hit the castle by shooting between the pop bumpers.

There are other modes that incorporate some different shots for points, of course. There is also a video mode which is pretty cool where you use the flipper buttons to run or jump - basically playing a Mario game.

Overall, this is a really fun game. The "Hit the ramp over and over and then the castle" can and will get boring probably - but again, there are some other modes to mix it up. This is a great game for location, kids, Mario fans, and casual/new pinball players in general.
1 year ago
I've played a few games now on 3 different JP machines. I have always liked the Data East Jurassic Park pinball, so it's easy to try and compare the two. As far as the pro version of this game goes, I really feel like it is lacking. The game rules are okay but no real "wow" factor. From what I've heard, the premium version is awesome so I'm really looking forward to trying it. For now, I'd rather play DE Jurassic Park.
1 year ago
Played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas. This game is totally unique and was a lot of fun to play. Each turn you start off with a 3-ball multiball. As you hit targets, you score points and build up time. If you lose 2 of the 3 balls, the timer starts ticking. There are (at least) 2 difficult shots that will give you back a ball, and you can begin building your time up again until you are back to one ball. If time runs out (or you lose your last ball), the turn is over.
1 year ago
Played this over the weekend at the Pinball Hall of Fame (in Vegas, coincidentally). I thought it was a pretty decent game. There wasn't anything really "unique" in this title, but it was a fun game to play for a bit. As you would expect, the shots/modes have to do with various Vegas games. The sounds and call outs were good - the usual bells/whistles you expect in Vegas, and of course the game chants "Vegas!" quite often.
1 year ago
Just purchased this game a few weeks ago on a whim. I seem to enjoy a lot of the under-rated early 90's Gottlieb and Data East games - and this is no different. This game doesn't have a very deep rule set, but it's just FUN. The artwork is cool and the ski lift is really awesome. The main music is "Wipe Out" naturally. There are some funny call outs "Maybe you should get your mother and have her help you ski!" and the loud "AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!". I have this game and 22 other games in my business, and I'm noticing a lot of people gravitating to this one and being surprised by how fun it is. I think I'll be holding onto this game for a while!
1 year ago
Iron Maiden is a fun pinball! As with other music-themed games by Stern, you have a few music choices to choose from for gameplay. There are a variety of shots, multiball modes, etc in this game. I will definitely be spending more time on this machine learning the rules and trying to get better scores. I'm not an Iron Maiden fan by any means - But the pinball is a lot of fun :)
1 year ago
Pirates of the Caribbean by JJP is a fun game, however it is a bit overwhelming with so much going on. I've played this quite a few times and still really don't have a grasp on what I should REALLY be going for. I'm not crazy about the middle lane on the left being the outlane. In fact, that drives me crazy. Also, when you plunge the ball it shoots right towards the drain unless you use the upper flipper. With an almost non-existent ball save, it's a real annoyance.

Plus side, the rocking-ship mini playfield thing is cool. There's a lot of action and even without really knowing the ruleset, it's a fun game to play. Would have been cooler if they would show clips from the movies on the display, but that's not a big deal.
1 year ago
Diner is a really, really fun game! The theme just works really well with the aspect of fulfilling the customers orders (Similar to picking up the passengers in Taxi). The art is fantastic and there are a good amount of shots and ramps in this game. There is a 2 ball multiball that is totally unforgiving - Reminds me of Pinbot where sometimes you get multiball and drain one (or both) almost instantly.

The ruleset isn't too deep, but there is enough going on that it holds your interest for a while. I love system 11 pins, and this is definitely one of my favorites.
1 year ago
Twilight Zone is one of those games where everything just works perfect together. There are many different modes and a lot to shoot for. The Powerball is a great unique feature in the game. Playfield layout is great, except for the ball shooting down the left outlane sometimes from the pop bumpers. The music, voices and light show in this game is top notch.
1 year ago
Fun game with a good amount of things to shoot for. I like the music and call outs in this game. You will find yourself yelling "Wrong Hat!!!" at random times after playing this! Great game for novice players, kids and adults alike. There is nothing that really keeps you coming back for more, but nonetheless it is a fun game to play on location or to own in a collection.
1 year ago
Star Trek is one of the better modern Stern games IMO. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but can enjoy this game. I think the playfield and use of colored lighting is used really well in this game.
1 year ago
Rollergames is definitely a cheesy theme, but it works so well. Just a fun game to play. The music is extremely catchy and will be an earworm for a while after your first game. What better song to play after scoring the jackpot than one that says "Kick butt!"?
1 year ago
Night Rider is an OK game to play if you come across one. It's a simple rule set with some drop targets, pop bumpers, spinners, etc. There is really nothing that stands out about this game. After playing it before, I would maybe play one game of it somewhere but not spend more than that amount of time playing it.
1 year ago
Party Zone isn't the most in-depth game, but it is definitely worth trying out! Great game for novice players and kids. Super bright, colorful and fun. The callouts are great, and the various characters on the playfield are cool. This game has a 2 ball multiball where you are building up the rocket value, and that is where you get the most points. Fill the rocket meter, and lock both balls in the rocket to earn the "Big Bang". It's actually tougher than it seems.

What really stands out on this game is the lighting. Flashy/colorful inserts, and a mix of White/Red GI lighting.
1 year ago
I'm not a Metallica fan by any means, but I find this game to be pretty fun! There are enough shots to aim for, and even as a new player to this game, it's fairly easy to figure out what I should be aiming for. Multiball is a lot of fun in this game.
1 year ago
I'm not crazy about new pins generally, but Deadpool is an exception. I've been hooked on this one ever since playing it for the first time 2 weeks ago. I seem to get multi ball at least once every game, which definitely keeps the game fun. Some of these new games I play once or twice and "nothing happens" so I don't feel the need to play it again.

I also really like the soundtrack for this game, and some of the callouts are clever/funny.
1 year ago
I find this game to be really overrated. I find the modes to get really repetitive, and there is really nothing in this game that keeps me coming back for more. The theme, artwork, and music just don't do it for me. The playfield is also exceptionally dark on this game.
1 year ago
Lethal Weapon 3 is worth playing on location, but I wouldn't recommend owning it unless you have other games. This game can get repetitive with a fairly shallow ruleset. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game - but not one I can play more than a few games of at a time. One of the coolest things about this game is you get to choose the music - From Lethal Weapon 3 theme, C&C Music Factory (Everybody dance now) or ZZ Top (Sharp Dressed Man). The callouts in this game are awful in my opinion. The nonstop "They're getting away!!!" .... "They got away..." drives me crazy.
1 year ago
Pinbot, the first machine in my collection! This game is a lot of fun, with the goal of opening the visor, locking both balls and hitting the ramp for the solar bonus. There really isn't a lot to it when you really think about it, but somehow this game keeps you coming back for more. The art, sounds, and music all work really well together. My only complaint about this game is those darn outlanes are evil!
1 year ago
Data East Batman is literally a one-shot game for the most part -- Shoot the Flugelheim. The "Flugelheim" is like the visor on Pinbot, and opens after hitting it 6 times, or completing the skill shot. Once it opens, hit the ball in there to start a 2 ball multi ball. Lock both of those, and start a 3 ball multiball, where you (again) shoot for the flugelheim to open it up again, and get a jackpot. The more Jackpots you earn during multiball, the bigger the value (5 million, 10 million, then 15 million).

The playfield is pretty basic. From the left, you have a scoop that lights something that is earned by hitting the batcave ramp (1 million points, instant multi ball, 10x bonus, etc). The Joker Ramp, the batcave ramp (and 3 pop bumpers under it), then on the right is the Flugelheim. There are also 3 stand up targets on both sides "old jack" and "new jack".

The soundtrack is pretty good in this game, as with most DE games in my opinion. The call outs can get a little annoying, but aren't as bad as some other games.

If you can find a Batman on location, definitely try it out! You don't see them often. It's a great theme, and not a bad game... but wouldn't last in a small collection in my opinion.
1 year ago
I'm not crazy about EM machines, but Space Mission is one that always kinda stuck with me. I played it at a pinball show a few years back, and stumbled on one for sale cheap a few months ago and picked it up. I think this is a decent 4 player game, and the swinging target in the middle is oddly satisfying to hit.
1 year ago
Terminator 2 is a decent pin and a good DMD game for the price. The design and flow of the game is great. Launching the ball from a cannon at the lit target for multiball is a cool feature. The main object in T2 is to start multiball, lock all 3 balls and aim for a 3X Jackpot, then go for a super jackpot. It's a pretty simple ruleset and does get repetitive kinda quick in my opinion.
1 year ago
People often compare this game to The Simpsons Pinball Party, which is a bad comparison considering TSPP is 13 years newer.

For the time period, I think The Simpsons is a good game. The theme is cool, and I think it's great that they incorporated so many characters into one game. The music is good - and includes the theme song and icon "The simpsoooonsssss" when starting the game. The concept of the game is fairly simple - Knock down the drop targets to open the 3 locks. Lock a ball, get a 2 ball multiball. Lock both of those, and get a 3 ball multiball. Then shoot for the ramp. I do wish that was a little more variety in the callouts, but a lot of data east games have repetitive callouts in my opinion. Regardless, the sound quality on this game is top notch, as with other DE machines.
1 year ago
If you like shooting for drop targets, this is the game for you! There are 4 banks of 4 drop targets, and basically you are trying to hit down the different banks in order (top left, top right, middle left, followed by middle right) to get multipliers on your bonus. Such a simple ruleset, but somehow it just works. I generally like games with a little more "action", but I really enjoy Count-Down.
1 year ago
Cyclone is a really fun game!

The layout is fairly basic, but it works really well. Waiting for the ball to ride the Ferris Wheel can get a little cumbersome at times, but that's really my only complaint. No multi ball in this game, but it doesn't really hurt it either in my opinion. Nailing that Comet ramp over and over for the "Million" shot, or the Cyclone ramp 3 times for the Gate Bonus (Jackpot) in a certain amount of time is the main goal. I also like the skill shot in this game.

What really attracts me to this game is the music/sounds and the art. It's really a work of art, with such detail given to the individual people on the playfield. The music is catchy and fits the theme well, and the lights/flashers work great in this game.

This is definitely a game worth playing for a bit. It can get old since there aren't a ton of things to shoot for, but it is a really fun game to play a few games of from time to time.
2 years ago
Rollercoaster Tycoon is a really fun pinball! I might be a little biased, because I was a huge fan of the PC games. However, as a pinball game, it really works well!

There are several ramps that are colored to look like rollercoasters, including one that goes over the flippers. The flow of the game is really good, and there are 4 flippers to make all of the shots.

The game modes can get a little repetitive, but they are fun - at least for a while!

Scoring is one complaint that a lot of people have on this game, but it doesn't really bother me. I don't need games to score hundreds of millions to be a "good game". I believe the default replay value on this game is 10,000,000, so that should tell you something.

The sounds and music definitely fit the theme. The troll yelling at you in fun, and like any other game (at least for me) can be tuned out while playing if it's a little annoying.

Overall, I think this is a great game - I think of it more as a standalone carnival/theme park game and not so much the "Based of the PC game" gimmick.
2 years ago
Genesis is one of those games that hooked me right from the start. It became a "quest" to complete the robot. Now almost a year since owning the machine, I still enjoy the machine as much as I did on day one. The robot reveal never gets old - and the alongside music and lighting effect is cool!

The concept is fairly simple - Complete the robot by completing ARMS, BRAIN, BODY and LEGS. Arms and Legs are obtained by going the left and right ramps respectively. Brain is obtained by going up the left or right orbit. Body is a little tougher, and requires rolling over the ABC lanes above the pop bumpers. You can also complete body parts by hitting down the 3 drop targets in order, or hitting the vari-target all the way back. Rolling through an in-lane will flash a light on the vari target that will light a letter in all 4 body parts if you hit the target while the light flashes (about 10 seconds). On the flip side, hitting the target at the right speed will send your ball right down the middle. Once you complete all 4 body parts, you have to hit the vari-target all the way back to activate the lifeforce (robot).

This game definitely benefits well with a nice LED setup. The music is catchy and fits the theme well. Cabinet is the typical "generic" Gottlieb/Premier style for that era, but that doesn't bother me at all. The backglass is cheesy, but hey it was the 80's afterall! There are alternate translites available, but I chose to keep the original.