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2 years ago
Freefall is a game that gets little mention in the pinball community, and I think thats a shame.

The artwork throughout is excellent, Bob Timm knocked it out of the park! His art pax features a beautiful mountainscape on the PF paired with a very colorful bg. Throw in a sweet hot pink cabinet and you have yourself a sweet looking game. The rules are another standout feature. There are 3 different bonuses, all of which are focused around the 3 bank of drops in the middle. The main goal is to fill out the "card" by hitting the drop target down that you have lit with a yellow arrow. These drops are dangerous, but essential if you want to score big. There is more depth here than most other games from this time period, and like several other Stern games from this vintage, the scorecards provide almost no help leaving you to figure it out on your own. The multiball ball walker toy is very cool and cinematic. Multiball in this game has no scoring advantage associated with it and is not an easy goal to accomplish. I think this is great, because you cant skillfully achieve it. Finally, this game uses the plastic pop bumper assemblies, which IMO are the best ever made.

This is not the most balanced layout or most efficient use of space on a playfield ever. The left flipper is safer for taking out the 3 bank of drops, but theres not much else to shoot for with it. Also, while extremely cool and fun, the ball walker takes up a bunch of room and theres no way to purposefully aim for it.

Freefall falls under the radar even today, which is surprising given how popular classic Stern games are right now. Its not a perfect game, but its depth, artwork, and fun factor make it an above average game from 1981.
5 years ago
This a game I miss! The locking of balls never gets old and mulitball is a blast! The jackpot is challenging and the speed a clean version of this table picks up will surprise the most skillful of players. The artwork is good on the cab, playfield, and backglass but not spectacular. Some of the best music and callouts in pinball, does a great job of getting you pumped up! A really good game for the money.
5 years ago
Devil's Dare is an odd game from an odd company, Gottlieb. I really enjoyed playing devils dare. The drops are sweet as well as the super unique center shot! The artwork was excellent, very creepy and cool. At least on my copy, there were lots of air balls off the center targets as well as the slings. I love it when game designers put slings all over the place and DD has 5! The upper flipper was in a neat place although there wasn't much use for it. LOVE the manual kickback. Overall, a real fun game for the money.
5 years ago
Xenon was a revolutionary game for its time and while it will always go down in history because of this, but it's also a pretty fun game too! The artwork and sounds are great, especially when considering when the game came out. The tube shot is very satisfying to hit as is the spinner. Even with all these features, Xenon is not as fun as it could have been. A bonus collect would have been great as well as some more drops. But overall, Xenon is a great game and they made tons so they are easy to find.
6 years ago
Had wanted this game for a while and one came up in good mechanical condition but poor cosmetic shape. The game is fun for a while but loses steam fast. It's WAY too easy to roll over and after playing it for a bit you realize that that some shots are satisfying, like the inline drops. But others are more like a chore, such as the right bank of standups. The artwork is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! One of my favorite packages ever! Sounds are good for the time and I still like them nowadays. Overall, out of the bally widebodies it lands right in the middle. Above Space Invaders and Future Spa but below Embyron and Paragon.
6 years ago
What a game! The design of this game is just brilliant and the rules compliment it well. The big scores come from the monster bonus, which I swear is IMPOSSIBLE to max out! Once you finally get the monster bonus lit by getting both banks of drops down and then back up again (not the easiest thing I might add), you HAVE to hit the center death target, there is no other place to add it. Absolutely insane amount of risk/reward factor here. Mulitball is brutal, with most not lasing long at all. Sounds are great with the exception of the heartbeat in the background. It's much too quiet and I almost never notice it. LOVE the school bell. Backglass art is pretty bad, but I really like the rest of the art. Spinners are a blast especially when during multiball and they are lit for 2x. Overall a great game, a sort of swan song for Game Plan.
6 years ago
Last Action Hero on paper has a lot going for it. Tons of features and modes but overall doesn't come together as a full package. The crane is a great toy and fits into the theme well. Like the music but,sounds very similar to othet data east games. Shaker is a nice touch. But even with all this going on, the game didnt last more than a couple of month in my collection. The game just had a feeling of coldness. It lacked character and just wasnr exciting. Layout is nothing new used before and after this game. Artwork is pretty poor as well as the build qualitiy. I always felt as if the game was going to break whenever I played it. Overall, just didnt enjoy as much as I thought I would.
6 years ago
A fun game to come out of Bally before they were bought by Williams. The downside of this is the HORRENDOUS build quality!!! Entire cab is made of MDF, not plywood. This results in usually beat up cabs. Another problem is the way the playfield is raised and lowered. It just sits on 2 wood rails and after many times of raising and lowering, the entire bottom of the cabinet is covered in wood shavings. Rant over. Other than the build quality the game is pretty fun. The inline drops on top of the ramp is unique and cool. The side ramp is very difficult to hit. Rebuilt/strong flippers are a MUST!!! The fun is somewhat ruined by the backwards rule set. The mystical millions is the main goal of the game, but the horrible way that the rules are set up makes this very hard. In order to lower the right ramp you HAVE to lock the ball. This makes it difficult as the ramp always starts up, this is not adjustable. Even worse, if you get to multiball, even on accident, you are not able to hit the drops. I was never able too get the million without cheating. The game is actually fun and the topper is awesome, although not worth the extra money it commands. The music and sounds are good. Its kinda ruined by the horrible sound quality. Overall a fun game and good layout let down by poor rules and build quality.
6 years ago
Overall a very fun game, easy but fun. The double your score ruins otherwise fun modes. Both toys are integrated into the theme very well and are fun. Rip the crud shot is a very difficult shot. Ball times can be long and the game is overall easy, but fun.
8 years ago
Fantastic game, lots to shoot at and with music that never get old. Only gripe is lack of reliability with the Williams system 11.