How it all started

By Romy42

August 21, 2022

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41 days ago

My husband started his pinball hobby about 16 years ago. In July 2006 it started off with a Bally Monte Carlo. He restaurated it completely. The fine stuff like glooing posts and finding those rotten tiny screws when they fall in the cabinets was my honorable job. Also paint restaurations were up to me. Lots of fun though and a lot of quality time together. 
Very more other pins followed. We all cleaned them thoroughly. 
We ones had a Theatre of Magic. We've completely renovated it. Golden ramps (really!!) and remade the Tiger. I've recreated it using paint on windows and we had it printed out on plastic. It was soooo beautiful!!

really miss that game!!

then we turned it up a bit. We started to completely strip the whole cabinets. All the screws were tumbled in a machine to clean. The cabinets are re-clearcoted. And re stickered. 
we did a lot of great jobs on several machines. 

It turned out to be a hobby for the both of us  I really enjoy upgrading my skills but not nearly as good as my husband. Although I think I'm getting there

now we only get new pinballls. And we play every Saturday evening a cool competition with each other  ;)

Big fan of the Keith Elwin pins. We keep our fingers crossed for the next one to be a Back to the future.....

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31 days ago

Great story, Thank you for sharing!

2 days ago

Thanks for sharing that story! Where did Theater of Magic go!!?

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