Take me back to the 90's !

By RomanAround

September 10, 2018

7 months ago

I grew up in Northern California and my brother and I always played pinball machines growing up as kids. My best memories are at the machines in Reno Nevada's Harrah's Casino Arcade and Rancho Montacello Boat Launch/Resort in Lake Berryessa California. The machines I played the most were T2, Whirlwind, High Speed, Hook, World Cup 98', Addams Family, Fish Tales, and more.. my friend Brady Sammons who just restored the most highest selling Terminator T2 on pinside (2018) got me into wanting to explore these wonderful machines again and start playing them again. I currently am restoring a Williams Getaway that I think you guys will want to check out. Follow me for up and coming pics on the build.


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