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1 year ago
what i like: buttery smooth shots. super fast. combos. Led Zeppelin music. Sounds are exceptional, old school. i love the artwork. Less is more. i dont need every inch of space covered.

What could improve: Call-outs are weak and uninspired.

my magic spinner has posed no problems. its a cool toy. i dont rank it up there as one of the "greatest". its a fun game in my 8 game collection.
9 years ago
Had the game for a while and I love it. such a great theme and the toys are awesome. back glass is very cool . Great game for the family. After a while though, we didn't play it as much and sold it.
9 years ago
It is the best pinball machine ever! (Ashton 11). The trolls are super fun and when you destroy the castle and it explodes, its super cool. It should remain #1 forever.funny speeches. Awesome toys. Great play field. Awesome game. This view endorsed by father and pin side member
9 years ago
I love hitting the villain! (Ash , 11)

Fun game, great theme. Great shots
9 years ago
We have had Pinball Magic in our game room now for about a month (on loan from friend)...great game, great theme, well execucted....but boy is hard to get "swallow your sword"...perhaps its our game (maybe i need to adjust something) ...the game is linear and i think thats cool but i go 1, 2, 3 games sometimes without getting past "STS" ...and of course i "hate" the fact that he says it so often..

but let me tell you, the first night, when the ball "levitated", that was one of the greater pinball moments ever. The whole family squealed in delight...that's it

This is a great game...with only a few minor weaknesses. Kudos to Capcom
9 years ago
i want to like this game! Love the and i love the show...but i dont know...whehter its because its so stop and go or it drains too easily...there is just no flow. There are so many good things to like on this game so maybe its just me. its at the local hockey rink...i play it after every game, trying to like it more...maybe one day
9 years ago
To start with, i am a Canadian hockey fanatic so i am sure that my review reflects that. This is a simple, symmetrical, early solid state game with great flow if not super speed.

Likes: The pop up bumper to eliminate the center drain. Love this feature. It is the goal to achieve this as soon as you have a chance. It prolongs your ball time significantly. Once that is achieved, its time to hit the drop targets. 4 flippers to go after 2 banks of targets (one on each side). I hate games with targets that simply award points when hit...i want the target to me that i am accomplishing something! The theme: Hockey...and its Bobby Orr! the greatest ever (begin debate now).. The art is gorgeous...excellent depiction by Dave Christensen (no B, B and B ?) and there is a ton of hockey and Canada references on the playfieild, cabinet and backglass. I like the perfect symmetry of the game...others may not. Getting the ball in the upper-kick-out is satisfying and something that accurate nudging can acheive...this lights the bonus rollovers on the left and right side.

Dislikes: Ok, the Blackhawk things sucks but lets move past that. Speed is not great, but flow is. It would be great if there were more toys or gimmicks...its a simple game, made in a simpler time. The sounds are all chimes...they are OK but would love to hear more hockey appropriate sounds. No mods , no upgrades, wtf!?

At our house, it is a favorite game for those newer to pinball, those who are nostalgic, those who love hockey, or are Canadian and those who prefer or enjoy an EM style of play.
After having recently acquired an AC/DC limited edition, the slowness of Power Play is even more evident. But frankly, it would be sacriligious to ever consider parting with this game. Its time to wax the playfield.
9 years ago
Own the BIB LE version of the game.
Definitely the best sounding pinball game out there. I see a new trend here as the music really draws the player into the game and retains interest. AC/DC is perfect music for pinball. (not expecting to see a Depeche Mode pinball anytime soon) Add Steve Ritchie's condescending and sarcastic comments during gameplay and its a winning combination of music and sounds.

I played Simpsons pinball party a few days ago and this truly made me appreciate the flow, speed and fun of the AC/DC. Top 5 pinball game i have ever played and i am happy to own one.