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Finally took the plunge. Bought my first Pinball and I'm all smiles

By RojerLockless

October 30, 2020

29 days ago

As a kid in the early 90's my parents frequented a local restaraunt in Hoston that had a small "arcade" in the side of the place. They had "TOMMY: The Who" pinball machine over there and I always remember listening to the songs and watching people play. I even got a quarter or two from my mom and always loved hearing Pinball wizard blare from the speakers and how easy the multiball was to hit!

I've never forgotten those memories and I always say when I go to a pinball arcade that I hope they have TOMMY there.  I didn't even know "The Who" were a band when I was young :) Just enjoyed the silver ball.

And ever since I was a young boy I've played the silver ball!

Anyway, I found one a city away and now I'm the proud owner of that pinball game. It's even a home system that's never seen the abuse of an arcade! 

Picking it up next week and I can't wait.

Update* It's now set up in my house and I'm loving it. Looking forward to enjoing my time on this site :) 

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22 days ago

You gotta upgrade the sound system and put a pinsound board with V2 sound. Add a shaker motor and new tranlite and you can transform this machine into a Who rock monster. Game is terrible without it, hard to play with og sound and artwork.

21 days ago

I agree with the PinSound Board, it is great with the updated music

19 days ago

Pinsound is a must... And a sub woofer...

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