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5 days ago
I've never played a game more in the first few weeks. It's still the honeymoon phase, but I've played enough games over the years to know I love this game. The layout is different, the upper playfield is awesome, the shots and flow are satisfying, the light show is great, and the theme integration might be the best in pinball. I think I like this game more than Godzilla, which I didn't think would be possible.
43 days ago
Bond has become one of my favorites. Unique layout and great code. I like features and how different parts of the playfield represent the different films.
2 years ago
It's the most fun I've ever had playing pinball. I've had games at home for 20 years, and this is my clear #1 of all time. The layout is amazing, the toys/features are great, the code has so many ways to approach the game and it's campy and fun, the artwork is great. It's the total package.
2 years ago
It puts a smile on my face like I'm a little kid. There are so many great moments in this game, I wouldn't even try to list them all. The whole experience from the shots, layout, gameplay, music, theme integration, lights, soooo satisfying, rewarding, fun, and it really gets the adrenaline going with the risk/reward.

Everything about this pin is excellent.

- I think it's the best theme integration I've ever seen. The sculpts on the playfield are amazing. The asset.... animations, pictures, videos, and how they are incorporated throughout the game are incredible.

- I think it's the best looking pin I've ever seen...I'm a big fan of Arian Buhler. It's stunning.

- It's the best sounding pin I've ever heard. The speaker on the topper adds a new dimension to the sound. 22 tracks from the master recordings.

- The layout is creative and a blast to shoot. Little touches like diverters on both main ramps that add variety to what the shots do are great. Both orbits scream around with great flow....I love that. The ramp shot off the upper right flipper is smooth, fast, challenging, and repeatable. The inner orbit with the spinner is great. The center scoop is satisfying to hit. The upper playfields are challenging and play fast...the ball is always moving. I really like the shot through the pops to the Axl area with the magnet...a fun/challenging and long shot. The gameplay is sooooo good!

- The light show is the GOAT...not a close second.

- The code is great! I love the risk reward of the song jackpots, and the variety of each song. The mini wizard modes are awesome.

I don't know what else I could say. It's sets a new standard in so many ways.
3 years ago
This might be my favorite "flow" game. (others would Star Trek, ACDC, Tron, IM, WH20) It's fast, brutal, and has great flow and combos. It's very immersive, with lots of atmosphere.

The theme needs to be fleshed out more. It needs more callouts/lines from characters. It needs to do more with the projector. This game has a really high ceiling in my opinion and if it reaches it's potential it could be a top 10 game.

The game has 4 ramps, 9 ball paths counting the Demogorgan shot, custom callouts, assets from the show, main music theme from the show, And a nice art package.

- Demogorgan toy, which is a way above average overall feature in my opinion, with the drops, ramp coming down, shooting it in his mouth, and movement. Mine has worked perfectly out of the box.

3 things we've never seen before:

- Projector. It's really cool and only going to get better.

- Unique magnetic ball lock. One of the best ball locks ever. I' haven't had one issue with mine.

- UV kit - it's awesome and perfect theme integration
4 years ago
Such a great/unique game!

It oozes personality. The theme integration is amazing. The music and callouts and sound quality are A+. The artwork and animations are as good as it gets. The guillotine is a great feature.

It's a hard game, and definitely a great fit for the home and advanced players. There are a crazy amount of shots in the game. It has one of the best mini playfields of all time in my opinion. So many shots do multiple things.

I love the ruleset...battling the monsters and exploring the castle are a blast.
4 years ago
I think it's Sterns best game ever and possibly the best game of all time. This game has it all really. Some people complain about the lack of assets, but I love what they did telling an original story in a way, while implementing elements from the movies.

The layout, flow, and shots are amazing, 4 ramps, the T- Rex is one of the best toys in pinball, the truck and raptor pin are fun, the ruleset is's hard to find something to fault in this game.
5 years ago
I think you could easily put this game in the conversation as the best of all time. Of course that's subjective, but I think you could easily make an argument that this is the GOAT. There are a ton of shots. The layout is amazing. The features/toys are incredible. The art is great, as are the custom fallouts. The depth of code and strategy with multiple ways to play is second to none.

The only negative to me is I wish it had the main music theme from the movies. The music it has is awesome...I just wish it had that theme.
7 years ago
I think this is as good as pinball gets. Theme, music, art, callouts, layout, toys, checks off all the boxes and knocks it out of the park. Out of the box code is great and will only get better.
8 years ago
AMH is a great package where everything comes together really nicely. It's creative, unique, fun, and has a lot of personality.

The layout and toys are great. I love the jump ramp. It's challenging and feels good when you hit it right. The hellavater is one of the best mechs/toys in pinball. The prison door feels so solid and is fun to hit. Ben coded the target bank better than any target bank in history and it does a lot of things in the game. The ghost reacts to the ball and the magnet comes into play as well, but not aggressively or as fun as sparky or whiplash. The game is lightening fast and hard with short ball times that keeps you coming back.

The code is awesome. There is great variety there, creativity, and depth. The game I have has the ghostbusters theme and beetle juice music in it and it fits perfectly. I like the campy callouts. They fit the theme really well.

There are a lot of nice little touches like the flipper fidelity speakers, hammered finish powder coated trim, real backglass, amd well built cabinet.

The only real issue is the scoop that sends the ball down the drain often. There is a ball save in place, but it's still annoying.

I don't think there are 20 better games than AMH.
9 years ago
I know it's the honeymoon phase, but I really think this game has top 10 potential with such a cool layout, music, lighting, theme, etc...The shots are so satisfying. I think it's very difficult to design a game that feels unique and open and with good flow at the same time. I really like the extra magnet, drop target, BG target, color changing inserts, and fish tank with the LE. I think Borg loaded the bases with this one...I'm ready for Lyman bring em home.
10 years ago
Will update my rating when the code is complete. There is a lot to like in this the ramps, sparky, snake, graveyard drop targets, art, etc... Not sure all the songs they picked work well for pinball. If your a Metallica fan this game is a no brainer.
10 years ago
I think it is a very basic game...but so is AFM, and it's one of my favorites. I don't think it really breaks any new ground or is innovative.

What it does well, it does as good or better than any game I have played. Flow, lights, sound, art, etc... It's just fun. Like AFM is just fun. I do wish it had one more toy or one more thing that interacted with the ball, but I love it just the same and don't see it leaving anytime soon.
10 years ago
My new favorite game. I like it better than MM.
10 years ago
Has been in my collection for 10 years and will stay.
10 years ago
My favorite game.

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