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6 years ago
I have owned an amh for a while now and everythme I play it I am more impressed with the job spooky did on this game,I believe the game has more playability than most new sterns and I own most of them,I love the flow and the shots are all fun,all of them not a clunker in the bunch and the sound effects are a lot of fun to listen to,the dots are very good alsoI like the art work very much and just feel like if more people got a chance to play it they would see what a little treasure this game is

The lighting could be better and until a kit is make for the game ,I untied the lower led strip from the back box and move it into the cab over the lanes above the backboard and wow what a difference and it changes color also and it only takes 10 minutes

I have to remember that this game is hand made buy a few people in a garage ,man that is impressive ,they can be proud of this amazing accomplished
6 years ago
I have played or owned most dmd pins from T2 to mustang and I have to admit that I was not interested in ac/dc when it was released because of the art work and theme but after 2 years of hearing al the accolades and raving I broke down and bought a premium and never looked back,ac/dc is more fun than a barrel of monkeys ,the shots lights sounds and rules are at a different level,and the mods are endless and of corse I have most and that just adds to the fun ,I suggest you find one and try it for your self.I have never played a pro but I am sure it is just as much fun
7 years ago
After 1.50 this game has come into one of the best stern games ever,play it
8 years ago
I am so glad I do not listen to comments and ratings about games,some of my most fun game are rated low and Shrek is one that is very underrated,I love the game,The sound is the best and it is just fun to play,I am getting tired of super heros and this game is very deep,I have owned family Guy and I like this version better,it feels quailty and donky Mini playfield is one of the best pinball toys ever used in a game,.I always wanted to play this game but they only made 500 but I did fine one that was made in 2010 and am thinking is must have been a rerun that I did not know about,very glad I pulled the trigger and I will have it for a very long time
8 years ago
This is a underrated game for sure,Who do not like James Bond and this game has lots of fun ramps, great quotes, fun dots ,cool toys.and is a great value