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5 years ago
I thought my ACDC BIBLE was a great pin. Loved it but sold it to a friend last year. Just played Metallica MOPLE for the first time this week. This game rocks! Dirty Donny, Lyman, Borg, Stern, knocked it out of the park with this pin. It is now in my top 5 and I have a large collection. I guess this is a keeper. It will take crazy money to pry it away from me.
7 years ago
Bally Sea Ray is my second EM. I was drawn to it for the wacky angular art of Christian Marche and the oceania color scheme. There are two tone chimes for 100 and 1000 along with the clicking of the relays and steppers. Lots of clickity-clack and ding-dongs make up the sounds that transport me back to the 1970s. The variety of features on the playfield make it challenging, quite fun, and keep me coming back for another game.

My collection is mostly faster modern SS pins but I never knew an EM could be so much fun until I started playing Sea Ray. I am going to start paying attention to more EMs in the future.
9 years ago
This is the game that keeps drawing me back. Not a huge FG TV Show fan but the pin currently gets the most play in my collection of 64 machines. Love the humor, love the call outs, mini playfield is a gas.
10 years ago
Hey it's the Simpsons. Very well done!
10 years ago
It grows on you. My pin is a sample version and came with the 0.1 beta ROM. It didn't flow well. I upgraded to the 2.0H ROM and it made all the difference in the world. Great design jpop!
10 years ago
It's creepy and its quirky, I'd love to eat some turkey. I loved the TV show when I was a kid. The movies are duds but the pinball is just right!
10 years ago
Just goes to show you don't need a licensed theme to make one of the best, most sought after pinballs ever. MM has staying power. Beautifully balanced design.
10 years ago
My first pin was RFM. Loved the theme and the wacky humor. I could never figure out why the older tech AFM was so much more expensive until I played it. I first played AFM at PHOF in Las Vegas. After that I was hooked. It took me about 6 months to find a nice example at a reasonable price. I now have 30 pins including MM, AFM, CV, LOTR, BSM, and more. Guess which is still my favorite? Yes AFM. Forget the hype. This is the real deal.
10 years ago
One of my first three pins. It took a while to warm up to it (learn it) but now is one of my favorites.