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5 years ago
I own it. Don't care for it. Rules don't mesh well with the layout. Shots do feel good and satisfying to hit, but the pin just isn't much fun. I don't like the implementation of the rules. Gets repetitive.
11 years ago
What can I say about RS? It's stupid good. Super fun. Very deep, with tons of modes. But it isn't just quantity of modes.....the quality of the modes is excellent too! Criss crossing ramps, two talking heads, two plungers, built in shaker that is very well integrated, excellent sound effects and sound quality (DCS). This is one of Lawlor's best titles (I have this with TZ and NGG right now and RS is better than NGG and holds it own vs TZ).

The first week that I had RS I was starting to think that I made a mistake getting it. I wan't getting too far into the game because I was not hitting my shots consistently enough. Once I started hitting the shots and getting deeper into the game, it really started to shine.

I'm having as much fun playing RS as any title in my current lineup (SM, MB, TZ, NGG, Tommy, BSD, Tron LE).

My ranking is not in any way based on what this title costs. This pin should sell for a lot more than it does. It gets my vote for the very best bang for the buck pin that money can buy bar none.

I love this pin!
11 years ago
I've only had my TZ for a couple of months now, but I feel that this is long enough to know that I feel that it is truly deserving of being near the top of any list in terms of being one of the best pins ever.

Great sounds, music, theme, and tons of shots. So much to do, hard to believe that this would get old any time soon. A true classic, great pinball machine.

Edit: after owning the pin for several months, the one thing that really bugs me about TZ (and is well known) are the drains from the pops. Very frustrating. But still a great pin.
11 years ago
Tommy is a "players" pin in that it is very challenging. It takes practice to be able to make the shots and keep the ball in play. Lots of cool modes. Theme is great, and the Tommy Scoring that uses the blinders so you play as though you are blind (like Tommy) is great.

Music of from the Broadway musical and is not The Who, but is very good nonetheless. Music is very well integrated with gameplay.

I love the artwork on the playfield and cabinet, not so much on the backglass.

Overall a very good pin, one of the best DE DMD's out there.
11 years ago
One of the most overrated pins out there. The artwork on the cab is fantastic, but the game play does not match. Even the theme is no good because it isn't based on The Creature, but rather a drive in theater.

Don't care much for this one.
11 years ago
The ship is a cool toy. Love the way it "sinks" into the playfield. The "sneeze guard" is pretty annoying though.

Killing the Kracken is fun, with good sound effects. The playfield art is excellent. While there are some cool shots on this pin, some of them get a bit monotonous too (constant banging on the ship for example).

Of the pins that I've owned, this is still probably the overall favorite of my non-pinhead friends and family.

A fairly fun pin, but not a lot of staying power in a small collection.
11 years ago
This is a great "in your face" pin. It fights you, and you have to fight back.

This pin has possibly the best sound package of any pin I've heard. Upgrade the speakers and subwoofer! A shaker is also a must have.

I've never played a pin that has a stronger "just one more game" pull than this one. I've found it to be a very addicting pin, and it is one that really does get the blood pumping.

Short ball times, but man is it fun when you get your shots going, and setting up the Do or Die shot never gets old.

Great theme, well integrated. Very fun and challenging pin.
11 years ago
BSD is one of the best bang for the buck pins out there. This pin really has a strong draw for "just one more game"!

This is not an easy pin. Missed shots are usually punished with drains. Ball times are fairly short.

Stack all 3 multi-balls for the ultimate rush, as the sound effects really get your adrenaline pumping.

The playfield layout is about as basic as it gets, but it all works together very well. This is a shooters pin.
11 years ago
My rating is with regard to the LE. Tron LE is one of the best looking pins ever. The lit ramps are just plain cool. The spinning disc adds a lot of randomness to the game, but not in an annoying way. This is a FAST pin! Probably the fastest that I've played.

The LE has a high quality feel to it. Nice smooth ramp shots. The third flipper is a welcome addition. End of the Line Multi-ball is cool.

My main complaint about Tron is the GEM shot, which can be a real pain to make. This can be frustrating, because the GEM shot is very important in terms of advancing through the game and to Sea of Simulation. It also serves as the bonus multiplier

Love the sounds and music. Overall a very nice pin, largely ruined because of the clunky and difficult GEM shot.

Edit: I've now added Tron LE back to my lineup for the second time. The GEM shot doesn't seem nearly as difficult or unforgiving as I once thought, at least not so far. It really is a great pin, and has that "just one more game" appeal like few other pins have.
11 years ago
A great all around pin. Understandably known for great flow, but there is a lot more to this pin that just that. Not only is the flow very good, but the pin plays quite fast and smooth as well. Love the ramp shots.

The rules are also very good, love the theme, and this pin has some of the best artwork on a Stern ever. Good sound effects. Just a great pin, deserves to be in the Top 10 of all time.
11 years ago
A great pin. The theme is perfect for pinball and it utilized very well (I don't understand why many don't appear to like the theme). I like the layout. The sounds are great. Joining the Cirqus never gets old. The music can be a little annoying for some, but it never bothered me. Great art package, and the interactive backbox is cool, even if it doesn't add much to game play.

This is a very fun pin, and while some say it is too easy, it can easily be set up to be plenty difficult.
12 years ago
Just a great overall pin. Lots of fun, great humor, good flow. The rules are easy to understand. The Stiff-O-Meter is just a great mode. Love the way the call outs escalate into a near frenzy the further up the meter you get, asking you if you are "scared yet", seemingly trying to distract you from completing the Stiff-O-Meter.

The theme is very well integrated into the game play. The Spider Wheel is one of the coolest back glasses ever.

One of my favorite pins.
12 years ago
Great pin! Awesome theme, great humor, superb art, and I even love the music. Lots of great toys on the playfield, very cool light show, and Monster Bash is a pretty cool mode.

The only aspects that I did not give an "excellent" score to on this pin are Game Play and Lastability, both due to the fact that the pin is pretty easy. This can be changed with settings though, including leaving the outlanes all the way open.

This pin will please non-pinheads as well. It's the most popular pin I've owned with my friends and family.
12 years ago
When you sit down to rate this title using Pinside's system, it makes you really realize just how great this pin is! There were only two aspects of the game that I didn't give an "excellent" rating to.

The call outs and humor are excellent. Superb implementation of the theme. Lots to do. People who say that all you do is hit the castle repeatedly don't know what they are doing.

This is number 1 at Pinside for a reason. It deserves the top spot!
12 years ago
I don't really care much for this pin for a variety of reasons. For starters, I don't like the mini playfield (Stewie's). It seems that I can keep the ball in there forever, and it isn't exactly exciting. If I wanted a tiny/miniature pinball machine, I would buy one. No need for one inside a real pin, and it takes up valuable real estate.

Also, not a fan of the show, so the humor wears thin pretty quickly, if it worked to begin with. The bodily function humor isn't exactly "fresh".
12 years ago
In some ways it seems that AFM is highly overrated. The shots are pretty simple and straightforward, with nothing unique about any of them. Also, the constant shooting of the ball up the middle to destroy the space ship seems like it could get repetitive and boring. The rules are not very deep.

Yet, somehow, this pin just works and that is because everything is so cohesive. Great theme (is there anything better than defending earth from Martians), superb sound quality (DCS kicks butt!), excellent flow, and super fun strobe multi-ball!

As others have said, this is a pin loved by novices and experts alike, and for good reason. It's just plain fun!
12 years ago
A pin that just keeps you coming back for more. I love the layout of the playfield. The ring is very cool. Game play doesn't really get going until you get to multi-ball. Luckily there is plenty of multi-ball action to be had.

I will never get close to seeing all that this pin has to offer. Great theme, excellent call outs, great music, and I just love the overall feel of this pin. This one will stand the test of time.
12 years ago
I had gone to a bar that had 6 pins, one of them WoF. The first few times I went to this bar, I played every pin except WoF as the theme just didn't appeal to me. When I went back for the 4th time, I decided to give WoF a try since I had play everything else a lot. Wow! I was extremely impressed almost immediately!

The Wheel is simply one of the best toys *ever* put on a playfield! I can't think of a single toy that is cooler than this wheel. Not only is it very functional and integral to game play, but it just looks downright cool!And the dual outlanes in the middle of the flippers is great! A nice throwback. Same with the outlanes. This is a pin that was designed to be nudged! Get the ball into the lane that has "free spin" lit and get the ball back! The playfield is very colorful and bright. Real eye candy. The rules are very good, love the way you buy vowels and solve the puzzle after picking the contestant with the most points by hitting them with an accurate shot.
12 years ago
For some reason this playfield just seems small. Perhaps it is the way everything is crammed in, but it seems to be more narrow than most pins.

I do like the layout of the ramps, but not the way that some of the upper playfield is blocked by them and you can't see the ball. Someone else mentioned the layout being similar to Whirlwind, and I would agree with that.

A pretty fun pin overall, but I would have expected more from a Lawlor design. The rules are pretty good. Probably a decent pin for the prices they sell for though.
12 years ago
This one really pulled me in and grabbed me hard the first time I played it. Of course it helped that the one I played was in superb condition. Excellent looking playfield, one of the best looking I have ever seen, and the Film Noir theme is superb. The DCS sound system really shines. Voices are crystal clear, the music is excellent, and call outs are fun.

I love the "elevator" with the 3 lane ramp right over the middle of the playfield. The elevator lets you pick the mode you want, if you can make the shots, by going up or down a floor, then "exiting" when you are at the floor you want.

Catch the killer by hitting the roaming lit target, then hit the phone to release a 4 ball multi-ball. Lots of fun, many different ways to score, and while ball times can be on the long side, there are still plenty of challenges.

Edit: after owning this pin for 4 months, it did start to lose some of its luster. The pin is very stop and go.
12 years ago
Just a great all around pin. Tons of fun for beginners and experts alike. A game that one will not get tired of playing!

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