My Pinball journey

By roboclan

December 31, 2019

27 days ago

My journey starts in 1973 when I was seven on holidays in Europe with my family. In a hotel on the Costa brava in Spain , in the lobby of our hotel was a soccer table and a Pinball that was my introduction. Then on holidays in Mandurah at the caravan park were pinball machines and even now I feel guilty as we took the back off the old em machine and turn the credit wheel for free games I still don’t understand how that worked. Forward to the early 90s and I was carpet cleaning when a client said would I swap my work for a broken table top qwix machine and I said sure, a trip to leisure and allied (Timezone arcades) to buy a power supply and bang I became an amusement machine operator. I only had two pins in my round cyclone and a take five bar top. I spent more time at LAI playing all the new machines than working. Then I opened the first dedicated game shop in Perth the week they launched the Super Nintendo. This took up most of my time and I got married so the arcade round wound down as the home market took over and the short sightedness of LAI as I tried to explain to them they needed to incorporate the home market with their arcades with hire and sales. Anyway I ended selling everything including my business and start work as a manager for dick Smith electronics which I did for ten years, then I started a Business hiring popcorn and fairy floss machines which grew into a huge distribution business which I sold 5 years ago , I never really grew up. So along comes my daughters fiancé looking at all my 1000 plus game cartridges and consoles sitting in my shed and found all my old arcade photos ect. And said we should buy a Pinball  that was beginning of 2017 20 Pinball’s later the obsession continues.

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