Pinball night

Pinball night

By Robo950

May 17, 2018

7 months ago

Well it was finally Friday night and another one of our planned pinball get togethers. We try to do one once a month with each guy taking a turn hosting the event. Tonight it’s my turn , the Captain, at least that’s what they call me. I think that name stuck because I liked playing the Captain Fantastic pinball machine. The invitation list includes “the Bally Lama” named for his strong affinity for Bally pinball machines, Mr Wizard because of his great knowledge of the game and repair expertise and lastly “The Mechanic “. When the Mechanic fixes a machine they are bulletproof.

 The games begin with the normal trash talking, chips,dips and general conversation before we begin. Once underway usually ten machines are chosen and each player has a shot at each machine twice. The highest score of the four players wins the machine and the cash prize that was set aside. Play continues until all of the games are completed and the prizes are dolled out and all of the pizza and beer has been consumed. Than the real fireworks begin.

the Captain and the Lama live in the same town and Mr Wizard and the Mechanic live in a different town. We will now play for the prize, which is a little man on a big ball trophy. We play one game 4 players for the honor of taking the little man back to the Home town of the winning team. For this honor nothing less will do than playing the great Gorgar pinball. The first talking machine. 

Usually when I’m in my Man cave alone I will kick Gorgar’s butt however during this contest I always manage to choke and drain the balls quickly. It’s usually up to the Bally Lama to save our team by having a great game. This particular night Mr Wizard and the Lama are neck and neck on each of the three balls played. Finally the Wizard makes his move with a great last ball defeating the Lama and our team. The little man on the big ball will be leaving my cave tonight unfortunately. Trash talking will begin tomorrow morning for the next opportunity at getting him back. Win or lose it’s a wonderful time getting together with other pinball lovers and friends.

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7 months ago
Please include both pictures in my story
6 months ago
6 months ago
Wow that’s real entertainment. Tonight I’m proud to be headed to a pinball night too.
6 months ago
Good stuff! Sounds like a real fun time. Good luck getting your trophy back.
6 months ago
That sounds epic. I was starting to get into a group in the Denver CO area when I unfortunately had to move. Hopefully I can find something close to my area.
5 months ago
Sounds like a great time and the trophy idea is wonderful. It's funny cause we have a "Captain" in our little group. Sadly though we don't get together enough on a regular basis to play. Usually it's just me being alone with my tables. ~_~
3 months ago
Great story. I would love to have a group like that here. Thanks for sharing.

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