Disappearing pinball machines

Disappearing pinball machines

By Robo950

May 10, 2018

4 months ago

I recently made a great find through a pinball friend. For $50 I bought two counterforce playfields and a cabinet all just for parts. There were no boards included or displays and a number of other parts were missing. I already owned a Gottleib Counterforce that was operating and in great shape. so had just made my purchase for spare parts and wall art. However once the items were delivered I suddenly felt real bad. Here were two pinball machines that were being taken out of service forever. There will be two less Counterforce machines to be played or collected. One can see why prices continue to escalate as machines like these two are disappearing across the country. 

One of my friends we call the Bally Lama because he has an infinity for Bally pinball machines says that we are doing a public service by restoring these old beauties. My wife gets a kick out of that. However I think he might have some thing there. Instead of harvesting these items for parts only I just might combine them , buy some boards and other missing parts and wind up with at least one operating machine.

At least one more of these beauties would be saved.

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4 months ago
Totally agree! I hate when I see a huge list denoting a pin being parted out that could be kept alive and in one piece.
4 months ago
I laughed out loud when I read Bally llama, and I totally agree with keeping as many pins alive as possible.
Good luck and keep us informed.
3 months ago
If the Bally Llama wants a Bally All Star Bowling machine smashed by the freight company I have one in Chicago. $250.
3 months ago
Nice, good luck bringing it back to life!
3 months ago
Nice sentiments. Machines young and old are indeed disappearing for numerous reasons. Bringing one back from the brink is good news for all.
3 months ago
Definitely commendable. If a game is salvageable, the effort should be made. If you are able to make a players game, congrats. If you go the distance, start a resto thread so we can follow.
3 months ago
Counldn't agree with you more! It makes me furious when I see salvageable machines parted out so some guy can make a quick buck on e-bay.
3 months ago
Good for you. I have spent more money and time bring games back from the dead. I do it for many reasons and one is I love fixing things and they are worth it.
83 days ago
I know how you feel I have my 2nd Gottlieb system 3 game street fighter 2 that was almost all the parts except cabinet was rotted . I built a new cabinet from the Cue Ball Wizard cab that I picked up at the Ohio pinball show this year. Anyone know on system 3 board problems U1 pin 40 is high but has a pulse that flashes the same as the led .I took the dmd driver board put CBW chip in it worked , but the led on it stays on no flashing.
76 days ago
Noble sentiments but it would be hard to make it pay on a machine like that. You would only go to so much trouble if you were planning on keeping the machine long term as it will take a huge amount of time and effort. If you already have the machine working it makes it easier, but its still a hard task.
61 days ago
Not everything has to be done for profit.

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