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7 months ago
I am biased on the Venom theme since I am a huge Venom fan. Super fun game, love the rule system. Open fan layout with lots of shots. Some are tight, which leads to some clunky shots. My game resets occasionally and has an air ball issue on the center ramp. I took points off for both of those. My game plays brutal so keeps you coming back for more.

Even with the negatives I outlined the game is super fun, glad I bought it and looking forward to completed code and a fix for the air balls.
10 months ago
Super fast game with some well thought out shots. This game plays so fast. A real keeper. Can’t wait until the rules are complete. Only draw back is the call outs get old.
1 year ago
Love the shots of this game. There are some really cool unique shots. I love the DeadPost save. The only draw back on this game is the art on the premium. I prefer the art on the pro and LE. The concept of the band FF fighting Aliens is awesome.
1 year ago
Super fun game. Easy to walk up to game and play. I like that aspects of the previous games like the wheel were incorporated. Very pretty game with fun campy callouts.
1 year ago
Super fun game. We are average at best at pinball, and this is a game we can really get into. Reminds me a lot of AFM and the like. Learn the rules in 5 minutes, and have a blast. We are also big fans of the show.

There are 7 shots in a fan layout with a bash toy hidden by some drop targets and ramp. Super satisfying to hit the ramp shot and get a hole in one.
1 year ago
Super topper is fun to watch and interact with during game play. Super easy to shoot game. Simple to understand and achieve rule sets. Having fun with the call outs. Build quality and attention to detail are off the charts. CGC makes a great game.
1 year ago
Fun game by Norseman. Lots of interesting ramps and targets to hit. It is a little dated from a theme. Nice to add to collection because of interesting shots with handles.

Plays different than other pinball games because of the handles. Lots and lots of lights.
1 year ago
first let’s get the obvious out of the way. If there was a value fun for the price category this would be much lower score.

Game is fun, rules are really approachable. Art is gorgeous, JPP nailed the vibe they were going for.

Shots are fun to hit, and there is a lot of scenes to go do. I am an average pinball player so for me this is a great game to just walk up and hit flashing lights. It is challenging enough for me. Some people who are pinball mofos might have a different experience and find it a little easy.

The call outs on the CE are great as are the lights and art.

We had a family party, this past weekend and it was the game played the most.
2 years ago
If I needed to sum up this game in a single word, it would be "Wow"

This game has some great flow and some very interesting shots. I really enjoy the calls out and way this game turns the concept of a super hero flight into pinball shots.

The music is not the greatest, but it is not a rock game to it suffices. This one will be in my collection a long long time.
2 years ago
Wow…what a crazy fun game. Lots to like here in the pro. There are a ton of really great shots here. The game flows great and even though I suck at pinball, I was able to make some fun combos. IMHO one of the Fastest playing games in a long time from Stern. Music integration is great. I only played 3 games but the rules were pretty deep. The only complaint I have is the scoop shot most of the time resulted in a drain. I am not sure if that was by design or if the scoop needs to be adjusted. I am usually a prem/LE type but this pro was so fun I would consider buying one for my collection versus playing on site.
2 years ago
Update. I own this game. The assets are not that deep. I wish that they were deep, I hear the same things over and over. The rules are not that stragithforward. The game is very good looking for it is average on the funometer.

Unique layout. Rules seem clunky right now. I love the artwork and theme. I do not get the upper playfied at times it seems I get a ball up there and it does nothing. The subway to the right flipper needs some work. As others have mentioned it would be good to stage a ball there to keep the game moving.

I hope with some future code updates, this game will improve, because I am a big Ultraman fan.
2 years ago
I really like the theme, being a TWD fan. Game is a little dark out of the box, which makes sense being a zombie based theme. Not a super fan of the translite art. Game plays well, shoot well. Not a fan of the cross bow I feel it slows the game down. Some really fun unique shots here. Will update rating as I dig more into the rules.
2 years ago
Super fun game to play. Game shoots great and theme is well executed. Love the randomness of the magnet. We only have about a dozen games on it and we are looking forward to keeping this around for years.
2 years ago
Super fun game. Easy to understand rules. Favorite of friends and family. My 77 year old aunt even loves to play this one. Is a keeper in our house.
2 years ago
Super fun pin. Very deep rules set. Hard for a new player to go and have a killer game because there is alot to this. That being said being a new player and just playing and shoot at the flashy lights is alot of fun, just done expect to have a high score ;)

Would love to get this for home use where I can really explore the rules. Adding this to my wishlist...or at least for one to show up close to my house.
2 years ago
Really love this game. We have had it through the weekend. Shots are fun, and different from other games. rules are deep enough to keep you interested but easy enough to just walk up and start playing.

On the LE the back glass, cabinet and armor is awesome.

**** Update after a week ****

This game is pretty fun and as we learn the rules more, I am pretty impressed with the goals of this game. The shots and are fun and I am learning that many of these shots you can make from either flipper. Really a keeper. We are liking the game more and more.
2 years ago
We had so much fun playing this last night. It was in a crowded loud bar so we could not hear all the instructions. The flow was fun, some neat shots. We kinda suck at pinball and both of us were able to pick up on what we were supposed to be doing. Glad I have one on order can’t wait to dig into this game.

The art is awesome, Theme is fun, shots are super fast and interesting. The complaint is Baby Yoda is just a doll. My partner asked if It was broke because it did not magnet the ball into its hands or do anything.
3 years ago
I wanted so bad to love this game. Frankly I did not find is that fun. I liked the artwork, music and general field layout. I did not like lack of shots, it seems very repetitive. I would play on location but I would never own one.
3 years ago
X-Files, fun little 'quest' games. Hit a couple of shots, get a case, solve the case move on. It is good. Must have for X-files fans.
3 years ago
Love this games, as a beginner this is such a fun game to learn shots on. Lots of activities to do to keep you interested in the same. I am a big fan of the voice calls outs from Arnie. For the dollar this packs a lot of fun.
3 years ago
We played this game quite a few times at Galloping Gnost. No idea what we were doing but we had a bunch of fun. Rules seemed very wonky to us. That said I would I pay to play again, all the games we played were really fun
3 years ago
Super fun game. Lots of interesting shots that are difficult for a beginner like myself , but crazy rewarding when you learn to hit them. Great call outs. It does a very good job of connecting the movie with a pinball adventure.
3 years ago
Big Avengers fan comics. love the game play. I find i am a big fan of these type of ramp games. Had it for 4 weeks now. Really like the variety of ramps. Shots are challenging.
3 years ago
I never played Judge Dredd in the what a fun game. Pretty challenging big gap between the flippers. Once you get the ball moving it plays very quick. I absolutely love the theme and colors. The game is a little dark at the top.
3 years ago
Wow...this game is awesome. Only played it 4 times, there is a lot to unpack from a rules perspective. The game is brilliant literally brilliant. Theme is fun and challenging. Changed my rating based on the rules...they are not clear at times and the voice call outs are drowned by the music.
3 years ago
Crazy fun , very challenging game. There are so many hard shots to make in this game. It is very challenging. I feel I need to put some time in to really learn the rules and the shots to be successful at this game. It is not for everyone as my partner does not like it, she wants to step up a to a game and have some instant gratification and success. I did not find that this is the case with TMNT , you have to make some hard shots and learn the rules to be successful at this game.
3 years ago
Super fast challenging game. We are recreational players in the house and this is our hardest game. There is a lot to the game and we are enjoying exploring this. It is the first time I have had a pinball game where I feel I need to learn the rules versus just play the game. That being said it is a crazy fun game to play.

Updated my rating to take into account how hard some of the shots are to make and the big left drain. Really is a buzz kill at times..
3 years ago
It's Showtime! This is a mainstay for our family to play. It has a fun theme and lots of funny shenanigans that go on playing this game. It appeals to the whole family, only complaint I have is that it is a dark game, that requires additional lights. Will always try to keep one in my collection.
3 years ago
I am a big soccer fan, I really liked playing this game because of the theme. For a soccer themed game it was very fun to play with a family that is like minded around soccer, we watch soccer, we all play competitive soccer. The swirling soccer ball add a very fun random element to the the game.
3 years ago
Wow, what a fun game, under rated for the value. Glad I added t to my collection. Looks good and plays well. Shots are interesting and the hand is just plain unique in all the p8nball games I have played
3 years ago
We have had 2 AFMs, we had a SE, that we sold to get a LE because we like it so much. This game is pretty fun, we are not pinball experts, and it is just the right level of rules and challenges to keep us playing. We also like the campy theme a lot and find ourselves quoting the game even in our private lives.
3 years ago
I love this game. I had a LE we liked so much that we sold it and purchased a NIB MMrRE. It is awesome. I really enjoy the rule set, we are not pinball experts so this is a game we really can play the a lot of games. Lots to do on this pin, funny campy sayings, great game for the family collection.
4 years ago
I love LOTR, it is my first home use pinball I purchased. The game is fun and challenging. There is a lot to this game and it does a great job of turning the movies into a Pinball game. You go through the 3 movies, as well as multiple side quests. The sounds are good, with the actors from the movie voicing many of the sound effects. The coolest thing is you get to flight a Balrog ;)

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