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22:35:36 Favorited a topic TAN Jokerz Hum Solved

19:54:28 Updated game rating Black Knight 2000 to a 6.10

19:53:01 Rated game Black Knight 2000 with a 6.10


17:24:58 Added a game to the wishlist FunHouse


Thumbed up 2 forum posts and down 1 forum post in topic JJP New JJP Teaser Video

13:30:25 Thumbed up post #1827 by TheLaw

13:30:06 Thumbed up post #1826 by Tranquilize

13:29:42 Thumbed down post #1825 by romulusx


21:24:50 Favorited a topic EM Williams signature or defining em?


18:26:26 Thumbed up post #20 by lrosent345 in topic !! New ramps by Starship Fantasy


11:46:17 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Commenter (Write 5 rating comments)

11:46:17 Unlocked Pinside achievement Approved Rater (Become an approved rater)

09:43:45 Became an approved rater robmeans


21:22:32 Thumbed down post #2 by luch in topic RSQ JOKERZ owners... looking for pic of ramp flaps

Thumbed up 4 forum posts in topic BUY Wife-friendly Pins?

20:51:39 Thumbed up post #28 by statsdoc

20:51:26 Thumbed up post #27 by statsdoc

20:50:32 Thumbed up post #21 by fattdirk

20:50:13 Thumbed up post #18 by vid1900

17:12:37 Updated game rating Jokerz! to a 9.28

16:06:56 Rated game Black Knight with a 8.55

15:48:35 Rated game Cyclone with a 8.58

15:31:00 Rated game Haunted House with a 8.46

15:17:55 Rated game Paragon with a 3.75


00:21:53 Rated game Sure Shot with a 9.19


15:35:09 Unlocked Pinside achievement Missing out (Having multiple breaks from Pinside)


19:33:21 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

19:33:21 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)

19:33:21 Added a high score of 24,208,380 for Jokerz!

19:23:06 Unlocked Pinside achievement Initials set (Set your high score initials)


03:21:51 Unlocked Pinside achievement Getting Somewhere (Own 3+ games at a time)


04:46:07 Edited a collection item Jokerz!


23:20:32 Added a game to the collection Jokerz!


20:00:55 Unlocked Pinside achievement On a break (Don't visit Pinside for at least a day)


21:06:23 Now following Pinsider vid1900

20:58:29 Favorited a topic TE Gottlieb big shot/ball return fault


22:19:45 Rated game Firepower with a 9.22

22:09:02 Rated game Jokerz! with a 9.28

19:55:37 Edited a collection item Sure Shot

19:51:28 Added a game to the wishlist Machine: Bride of Pinbot, The

19:51:08 Added a game to the wishlist F-14 Tomcat

19:50:15 Added a game to the wishlist Cyclone

19:47:37 Added a game to the wishlist Meteor

19:47:10 Added a game to the wishlist Galaxy

19:46:32 Added a game to the wishlist Sorcerer

19:45:51 Added a game to the wishlist Firepower

19:43:34 Unlocked Pinside achievement Going Old-skool (Own an EM game)

19:43:34 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

19:43:34 Added a game to the collection Sure Shot

19:37:23 Unlocked Pinside achievement Verified (Become a verified user)

19:35:04 Unlocked Pinside achievement Located on Map (Set your home location)

19:34:16 Unlocked Pinside achievement Avatar uploaded (Uploaded a user avatar image)

19:23:19 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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