Lifelong Pinball Fan

By RobertPinballGuy

July 19, 2019

35 days ago

I grew up in the 70's and 80's playing old EM pinball machines at the local bowling alley.  That was when I got hooked.  In 1981 friends of the family opened a huge arcade near my house.  I spent every day there for a couple years.  As I got older and pinball faded away and arcades went away, I would only play occasionally at the movie theatre or somewhere there may be one or two machines.  As an adult, I still craved to play and having more disposable income, I purchased my own machines to play and tinker working on them.  I sold my entire collection in 2017 to move to Florida.  After that didn't work out, I moved back to VA and am looking to start my collection over again.  Thanks for reading!

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