How pinball got me on tv!

How pinball got me on tv!

By RobDutch

June 20, 2017

3 months ago

About a year ago my parents bought a new house, we were moving to a bigger house because of our pinball machines. The people from the bank we're at thought it was so interesting that they wanted us to be in a tv-commercial! But there was one problem: the house was far but finished and they only wanted to shoot the commercial when the house was done. So the bank and us came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to work, but they kept our details/numbers.

But after a month or two we got a phonecall from NPO 3 (the 3rd state channel in the Netherlands) and they asked if we wanted to be in a tv show. Someone at our bank told them about us and they loved the fact that we were going to a new house because of our pinball machines! We agreed and they came here to film us during our progress of renovating our new house and moving our pinball machines :) In the episode you can see some of our machines at the place we temporarely stored them, a faked repair job on our Twilight Zone, the moving of our machines and me playing The Shadow and getting the ball stuck behind the wall..

It was a cool and once in a lifetime experience that I just had to share with you :)

A link for the episode: (it's only in Dutch with no subtitles I'm afraid, also there's another family in this episode but they don't own any pinball machines :/)

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84 days ago
That's so cool!
75 days ago
Thank you!
70 days ago
Deze video mag niet worden bekeken vanaf jouw locatie
69 days ago
Yeah we cant play the video on this side of the pond but aounds like an awesome story
68 days ago
Ahw that's a shame :( But thanks for reading my story!
60 days ago
A great story Rob but unfortunately could not open the vid/s.
43 days ago
I couldn't view any video on the link, but it must be quite cool to get on TV in a nice bigger house with your pinball collection. Good for you.
41 days ago
Great story. Sadly I too was having an issue with videos.

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