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2 years ago
The title and theme don't really do any justice to the game. You have to play it to realize there's a very fun game here!
3 years ago
Excellent theme integration, sound and display. It's also a lot more fun to shoot than it initially looks. With 1.0 code the game has a lot going for it, but could use a bit of polish in a few areas still. This is one of the most enjoyable Stern games I have ever owned.
6 years ago
Rules will ultimately make or break this game I feel. In for the long haul with my pro, just waiting for the next code release. At 1.03 I wouldn't consider the game even 50% done yet.
7 years ago
It's a fun game with fun quotes, but the music fails to really capture the Star Trek feel. After changing the music to the soundtrack music, it's is MUCH better! The latest 1.5 code lacks polish and has quite a few minor bugs. There is also little variety in the actual missions because they all involve shooting the lit shots with the only real difference being the number of shots needed and some having a time limit. The dots on the game range from poor to good, leaning more on the poor side. However there a few bright spots like the excellent flyby's of the enterprise with lasers blasting on super ramps. Overall a fun game with some sloppy programming and artwork/dots. I would still recommend the game in the pro form which is what I have or premium/le if you can get a good price.
8 years ago
Lots of shots and different strategies to try will keep you coming back. The dots are excellent, but the sound is a bit sub-par because of the speakers. Stern should have put a better sub in it like they did with ACDC (premiums). It's not an easy game to get combos going because the shots are a bit tight. The lighting effects I thought would be better given the LED and it trails behind ACDC as a benchmark. However it's a more forgiving game than ACDC, easier to earn an extra ball and not such a drain monster. My favorite shot is shooting the snake, especially during multiball for 2x scoring!
8 years ago
One of the most fun pinball games I have played in a very long time! I am so glad I got back into pinball now and bought myself a Luci! This game will challenge you every single time you play it and makes you become a better player. My only complaint would be some aspects of the playfield art could be better, but a least with the premium and le you don't have the big face to look at...