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1 year ago
On to my third Elwin game, after JP and IMDN I naturally had to track this one down too. I took a point off on Game Rules... as I think this one has just gone past the point of reasonable. When games need to start coming with their own rules manuals have we gone too far? Still, fun shooting game, love the Captain Marvel ramp on the Premium, very rewarding. I did have to upgrade the plunger spring and auto-plunger coil to get the shots to consistently make the ramp in the back on plunge, so that was a little frustrating. More than any other game I've owned in recent memory, this one has needed tweaking... and I'm the third owner of it! That rejects on the CM can get frustrating. Sound is pretty cool though, the Hulk Gamma hurry up is always fun and intense to shoot. The subway holding the balls for portal lock not he Premium I could probably do without to be completely honest. The ball just takes too long to traverse the subway... I just want to play... not wait for that to go through the motions. Have only owned the game for a couple of months now but it will be sticking around a llittle while longer, another great effort by Elwin.
1 year ago
My second Elwin pin... after owning and loving IMDN I really wanted Elwin's next effort and it didn't disappoint. I probably moved on from this game sooner than I would have liked and I would like to get it back one day. I rated it a little lower in the art department, mainly because of the playfield artwork I'd say, backless and cab are solid though... music is pretty great but where it shines is in the rules and the shots. Elwin just makes fun... unique shooting... and hard games. For me at least! I only have one grip with the game and that is the first T-Rex multi ball not he pro takes way too long to start the mode, I get it if you have a premium and you get to watch the dinosaur eat the ball and then throw it around, but the unskipable animation on the Pro when the ball is back at your flipper waiting to go I always found frustrating. Game is amazing in all other aspects.
1 year ago
This was my second Borg/Lyman game... and it is about as perfect of a game as I've owned. I was a fan of the early TWD show but eventually stopped watching it, that did not hamper my appreciation of the game at all however. Never have I ever own a game I wanted to flip over and burn to the ground one minute and then the very next have me hooting and hollering in absolute joy the next. The game is just amazing, the rules are perfectly implemented, the theme integration is fantastic, the multi-ball's and mini-wizard modes a joy... I'd have it back in a heart beat in the future. As much as I'd like to try the Premium at home, I'm not sure I want the start and stops that it adds with the extra magnet and the crossbow. I'm not much of a mod guy at all but I threw some clear drop-targets in on this game along with clear rubber rings and I thought it really helped brighten up a dark game. This game is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced, it is a hard, hard game and offers outlane drains and SDTM drains like they're going out of style, in the end, it is all worth it. Highly highly recommend.
1 year ago
Sign me up for another pinball based on a band I have no use for! I could name the number of Metallica songs on less than one hand before owning this game. I had left the pinball hobby for about 10 years or so after starting my family and I found my way back in through Virtual Pinball. One of the great reproductions was a Metallica and I really liked it so when I finally convinced myself a Virtual Pin was never going to satisfy my pinball itch I sold it and picked up a Metallica and I've ever looked back. This game is the total package for me, love Dirty Donny's artwork, the animations on the game are great, the sound and music on it just belong together and the rules are top notch. I bought a pro and if I had it back I'd go Premium for sure. I think the snake locking mech is really awesome as well as the coffin lock mech... though I suspect I'd get irritated after a while with the interruption to flow both add I still would like to try them. I've always been a sucker for in-line drop targets and they are implemented well here... the game is just great all around, I'd highly recommend to anyone... Borg and Lyman know how to make a game!
1 year ago
I remember playing LOTR back in the arcade when it was first released and enjoying the heck out of it. I can still remember the first time I put a quarter in it actually. I got to play it throughout the years in peoples homes and always wanted to own one. That day came... and in all honesty it became a lunch bag let down for me. To say the game is too easy is unfair as making it to Valinor is considered by many as one of the greatest pinball achievements... and I didn't get there... but... I got close once and that was all I needed to convince myself I didn't need to make it there again. I distinctly remember the moment I decided to sell the game and that was after coming off a fantastic first ball, accomplishing a lot of the objectives and when it drained after 40 minutes of playing I turned the game off... I was bored... I didn't want to play any more. I didn't want another trip around the multi balls, I just didn't want to shoot the same shots again and bash on balrog or bash on the plantier or wait for the ball to trickle down the path of the dead. It was time to move on. I wouldn't have LOTR back, I had my spin.
1 year ago
This game hits all the right notes. I am admiralty NOT an Iron Maiden fan... I'm old enough to be one, but their album covers always freaked me out as a kid and I wasn't a metal head so I stayed away. The game exceeded all expectations for me as Elwin games have in general for me. My first game since I owned Fathom with a 3rd flipper, so it was good to get used to a game with one. Really unique for me anyway layout, sound and music integration with the theme seemed really on point. Lots of variety of shots and modes. One draw back for me as my first Premium game was the additional slow downs the Prem adds. The sarcophagus lock was really cool... the first half dozen or so times I hit... then it became boring just waiting for it to go through the motions... same thing with the lift ramp, really neat at first and then I just wanted the ball back in play. I would gladly take this game back in my collection but would honestly like to give the Pro a go if I did.
1 year ago
This one didn't last too long for me. I'd put it on the easy side with frequent trips to the Iron Throne for me. Targaryen being the hardest house to complete. I do think the upper playfield on the Prem/LE is something I'd like to spend more time on as I understand it ups the difficulty a bit. Over all I still think this game is really fun, as a fan of the show I thought theme integration was solid for sure. I never tired of the Blackwater multi-ball call outs, even though they weren't varied. A pretty standard feeling fan layout takes away some points on playfield layout for me, nothing terribly unique there. Worth giving a go and I'd have it back in my place with a Prem/LE in the future if one came up.
1 year ago
My first LE, really enjoyed this game. It is on the "easier" side of Stern games I've owned, but ultimately the fun factor really drives the score for me. Zombie Yeti does fantastic art, the callouts are the funniest in any pinball I've ever owned and the variety on them is really great. Just a solid solid effort by Stern on this one with some really unique shots, Katana and Snikt shots are extremely satisfying and the left orbit on the Premium/LE is great... and a disco ball??? Come on, this game has it all.
1 year ago
Entirely biased review here :) First game I ever owned, love the game, which doesn't mean it couldn't do things better, but this is as good as it gets for pre-90's games for me.