By RMarnold

July 23, 2019

29 days ago

Not a long story but I feel a good one. I am not the most social person in the world, not even really with my neighborhood. I started to get more friendly with them as the years past and today we get along very well. So well that he knows that I’m into pinball and really enjoy the hunt and restoration process. I knew he had a pin but I never asked to see it and he could never remember its name. Yesterday he knocks on my door and says “Do you want my pinball machjne?”. I immediately said yes, having no clue what condition or even the title. We walk over and he shows me a Gottlieb Jumping Jacks. It turned on and played pretty good for never being kept up on. I asked what he wanted for it and told me “nothing”, I had to move it, it just needed to go somewhere it will be appreciated. Thanked him a hundred times and now its new home is a couple hundred feet away in a basement with 7 other pins. All of this makes me realize you need to get out and be that much more social, you never know who you live next door to.

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