My Pinball World

By rlslick

February 05, 2013

8 years ago

When I was just a kid I remember going to the arcades and playing games like Joust, Pacman, etc...and remember the games being simple (a joystick, a fire button and possibly a 2nd button to hit for some kind of bonus.) I recall one day going to a 7 eleven, Street Fighter the highly anticipated game just arrived on location and in the corner was a DESW pinball machine. Of course the only reason I was there was to play SF and spend all my money getting my butt kicked. It was demoralizing as the button and joystick combinations were ridiculously hard to understand. My patience level dropped and with only a dollar left to my name I walked away from SF and headed to the back corner to discover what Pinball was about. Lets just say that dollar lasted me at least 20 minutes... and it was the most satisfying, rewarding feeling when I walked out of the store. I never looked back at video games the same. DESW was my first HU game which brought back so many memories in 2003 and from there I was just fixated. I've incurred on a nice collection the past several years. Many Pins coming and going, but I have settle on a few like my MM new restore, Tron LE and ACDC LE and more that seem to hold the same excitement as when I first played pinball for the very first time. Great fun, fantastic community of pin collectors alike... I'm surely a pinhead for life! more to come...

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