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1 year ago
This was slow to grow on me as I was never an big fan of IM growing up. I do realize they have quite a big following, but I never imagined I would have been such a big fan of the pin. This has to be my favorite of the Elwin games. I am regretul that I did not pick one up two years ago! The venue I sometimes go play pins no longer has it, and I missed it so much we put a deposit down for the May produciton run. I hope we end getting it. My only complaint is the lower left side of the playfield I find a little awkward and i seem to get a little jumbled up on flow. I love the loops, great fun and addicting. Cool videos. I tend to have long ball times on this game which is great fun for me. I'm just an average guy who loves to play pinball, and I can't always explain specifics of what I love about a certain pinball. But I love this one. My first impression was that the playfield was bare and needed more "stuff", but I no longer feel that way after a lot more play time. I appreciate that you can love the pinball, appreciate the band/music without being a big fan of the band...great theme integration in my opinion.
1 year ago
Big fan of the theme. I like the fan layout, classic. We do have the game at home, and I will likely keep it. I feel the pro is just as good as the premium/le in this case. My spouse wanted the LE but I would have just as rather had the pro as gameplay is essentially the same. I do wish the game (as it comes from stern) had more of the awesome soundtrack songs from movie (I do know you can change that). A couple of the shots can be tight and tough to hit (or maybe I just suck!) but I like the flow a lot when you have a good game. At home, I am the one who plays it the most, but like I said, I love the theme. I do not understand why it rates as low as it does, especially since Metallica rates so high and is essentially the same layout? That just proves how subjective in nature the items/categories can be in rating a pin (Pinside staff did a great job with their categories in the rating system)! I personally think the pro is an underrated game compared to a lot of other pro models out there.
1 year ago
I have tried several times to play it but I can't get into it, I think it's mostly because of the theme. I have to admit, I am also not familiar with the rule set. I do like some music pins even though I'm not a fan of the bands, but not this one so much. I love Rush and IM for various reason, and I like GNR but mainly for its light shows and some of its cool playfield features on the CE or LE. I find myself am puzzled by my feelings toward this pin as I really enjoy playing GOTG which is essentially the same layout. Makes me realize that sometimes theme is more important that I would have imagined. The gap between the top 100 ratings of this machine and GOTG is huge as of this date (11 versus 51) and is also puzzling? Is it the rules, the theme, perhaps more people have access to Metalllica, not sure? Such is the subjective nature of any review:) I probably won't play again is there are so many other awesome games to play.
1 year ago
Man, we should have purchased on of the premiums a couple years ago when they were between 7 and 8 K! The place I periodically go play no longer has their IM LE, bummer. I really, really enjoy the game. I played it quite a bit over about a year and liked it more and more. Of course, in that time period it got a lot more expensive:( I know the band has large following, but in my teenage years, I was never a big fan of them or their music. However, I think I like this the most of all the music pins that I have played. I'm just an average guy who loves to play pinball, and I can't always explain specifics of what I love about a certain pinball. But I love this one. My first impression was that the playfield was bare and needed more "stuff", but I no longer feel that way after a lot more play time. I love the long ball times, the loops and the other "stuff". All of it pretty much, except the lower left side of the playfield can be a little awkward and slow ball flow. I like that you can love the pinball, appreciate the band/music without being a big fan of the band...great theme integration in my opinion.
1 year ago
I have not owned this game but hope to pick one up sometime. I always try to play this at location if they have one. I really enjoy the theme and I find it has good flow for me personally. I like that I have some good ball times, and it's not so difficult that I can't do well with it. All of the art is acceptable, but not outstanding. I always notice that on location people seem to gravitate to it. It often has someone playing it even with other "top rated" machines around. I think it's an approachable machine for anyone to walk up to and have a good time playing without knowing the rule set or what goals to accomplish. In my opinion it's underrated and hope to see one at home at some point.
1 year ago
Pinball, like anything, is subjective and personal. Sometimes, it's difficult to explain why we like one over another. I enjoy GZ but it's not my favorite. I find myself playing it because we have it although there are other games I'd rather play. It might be on me needing to learn the rule set better and maybe I'll update my review. However, GZ is my spouse's favorite (at least of the ones we have at home). All that being said, rating a game is tough because I just like to play pinball. If it were the only game I had, I'd play it and be happy:) I dig the old video clips! I love the loop shot and trying to see how many times I can hit it in a row, and who wouldn't love the building coming down with the multiball? I think one of the best things about this game is it seems to me anyone can walk up and play it and have a good time without knowing anything about the rule set. It seems like I have long ball times on the game which I really like. We are not expert players so tougher games can become frustrating. Finally, it seems the theme works for a lot of folks and visitors always gravitate towards this game:) It's great we live in a time with so many new awesome games coming out in addition to all the cool games from the past. Seems like there is something for almost everyone.
1 year ago
I enjoy playing this game. The theme is great if you grew up watching some of The Simpsons, or even if you didn't it's a lot of fun packed into a 2ftx4ft wooden box! Plus, as far as theme goes, Homer is even shaped like a pinball:) I laugh every time I play it, some funny call outs. It is not an easy game, but then again, I'm not the best player in the world. The couch multiball can tough to get, but I still enjoy the challenge of the upper playfield. The 3 drop targets are a plus for me, as I love some drop targets because they remind me of pinball when I was a kid. I also love the nuclear tower pop bumpers. I don't feel like it's a great game for just anyone to just walk up and start plinking around on without some idea of rules/modes, etc.
1 year ago
I freaking love to play this game. I do not know why, but I really like it. It is my go-to pin at the house. It is super fast which can be good or bad I guess, but definitely not dull. It definitely keeps your reflexes sharp. Some of the multiballls have so many balls on the table at once that I literally LOL, and the game can be silly. However, it can sometimes be punishing, difficult and not very forgiving hitting some of the shots. I can't figure out why it rates as low as it does. I suspect its rating may increase as did some of the others once they were out of production. It's a winner for me, feel like a kid when I play it:)
1 year ago
To be fair, this was the first machine we owned. I doubt I will ever sell it, but who knows. We did a lot of research, playing, etc and decided on this one early on during the COVID hiatus! We narrowed it down to AFM or MB. (Although my spouse still wants an AFM). To me this is just a classic. It has great colors/art, call outs are entertaining, easy to understand rules with basic fan layout, and anyone can play it and have fun (which was, at the time, what we were looking for). Of course, there's the bash toys:)....which are probably my favorite part! I would assume it's not deep enough and too easy for really good players, but it's great for us.
1 year ago
I'll start by saying first, that I am not a Rush fan. I recognize and know the songs, but I was never a big fan. Playfield artwork a little strange looking to me, but then again, it's a pinball machine. Who am I to judge what they were going for? it's fun and that's what it's all about at least for me. I have gone to play it multiple times and played it next to the new James Bond LE the other night. I went back to the Rush. I don't even know a lot of the rule set yet, but I love the combo shots. I find myself wanting to go back and play it. Of course, there are a couple shots that remind me of LOTR, which is one of my favorites. We have had a Rush unopened NIB for a while now and were trying to decide whether to keep it. I decided that I would keep it and let something else go which is why I decided to write a review. An underrated pinball for sure, at least in my humble opinion.

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