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4 years ago
This game is addicting! For me, it is the perfect combination of great shots, great theme, and great fun! JP is approachable for non-pinheads due to the theme and easily mastered left ramp shot, but has so much more to offer to a player who can execute the variety of shot combinations and scoring strategies that are available in this game. That balance of being approachable enough for newcomers, but challenging enough to have longevity to a veteran player has been perfectly struck in Jurassic Park. The ball eating T Rex is also one of the coolest toys in pinball! Not only does it grab the ball and fling it to various places on the playfield based on the current mode, the Rex head follows the ball around the playfield as if it can hear your shots hit the targets and is stalking you. It is a very cool touch takes the theme integration to another level. To put it simply, this game is a masterpiece!
6 years ago
Love how intense this game is!!!
8 years ago
Fast and Furious!!! So brutal, but SOOOOOO satisfying when you have a great game!!! Keeps me coming back for "just one more game"!!!!!
11 years ago
Didn't enjoy LOTR as much as I'd hoped. I've played quite a few games on it, and it just isn't my cup of tea. I really love the theme, but was disappointed by the gameplay. Felt too much like work to me...
11 years ago
Love the trolls and the castle!!! 2 of the best gimmicks in pinball!!! Shots are satisfying and I really enjoy the sounds from MM!!!
11 years ago
Love the theme, sounds, and gameplay!!! Great playing game!!!
11 years ago
An all-time great!!! I really enjoy the gameplay, speech and sounds from AFM!!! So much fun!!!
11 years ago
I like the game, but not as much as I had remembered liking it when I was in high school. Still good, but has lost something with age.
11 years ago
Very fast game!!! Spinning disc adds a good deal of randomness!!! Shots are satisfying when you are on your game, but painful when you are a bit off!!! I love the speed of the game and the music!!! Really glad I was able to pick one up.
12 years ago
I have heard people throw the word "flow" around quite often on this site and I've always wondered what they meant by it. Now, I know!!! When you hit your shots in Spiderman it is a great feeling!!! The game plays smooth as silk!!! It is a game that a novice can step up and really enjoy playing, but it has something for every level of player. The theme is great and the art package really fits the theme. In short, I love this game!!! I played every Stern that I could get my hands on before making my first pinball purchase, and while there are definitely other great Stern games, Spiderman is the one that I had to have in my home. Well done, Steve Ritchie and Lyman Sheats!!!

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