How I go into pinball


February 24, 2015

5 years ago

My wife wanted a card table for our game room. We ended up in a place that had tons of pinball machines. One was the Wizard of OZ. We were into video games (T2 was our favorite) but neither of us played pinball when we were kids. Anyway, the owner let us play the WOZ and we were hooked; we ended up taking home an LE. A year later we have 4 (AC/DC Premium, Star Trek LE, Iron Man VE and WOZ LE) with 2 on order (MMR and Hobbit). We were at the 2014 Texas Pinball Festival and will be staying over night for the 2015 festival. We're definitely obsessed. Great hobby. I probably like working on them as much as I like playing them (My other hobby is repairing antique electronics). Anyway, I enjoy the forum; i don't post much, but I learn a lot just by reading what others are saying.

Rich, a.k.a. RJL

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5 years ago
They do tend to multiply don't they?! I enjoy tinkering almost as much as playing as well. Thanks for the story very glad to have you on Pinside.

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