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10 months ago
My most favourite stern.
I’ve owned quite a few over the past 10 years, but this is the very best game stern have put out.
1 year ago
This game has literally blown me away. I’ve never owned a pin that’s got me this hooked before! When they say JJP is the Rolls Royce of pinball, they ain’t wrong! Theme integration is second to none. Light show is phenomenal.
Lay out is brilliant. Software so far is really clever and well implemented.

Well done Eric And JJP!
2 years ago
Sterns best most packed game to date! Love the fact that there are 4 seperate ramp entrances! Well done to the team who worked on this. Absolutely brilliant! Can see this being a very sought after title. If youre after your very first pin than do not look past this. It has everything, and for others who are already pinball owners, add this to your collection. You will not regret it! The pro is great but after having played the LE you cant pass up on the moving interactive T-Rex. It will blow your mind.
3 years ago

What pinball is meant to be!
3 years ago
One of the toughest games in my collection. Absolutely love it. A game that's bolted to the floor and never going anywhere.
3 years ago
Amazing flow. Takes a little to understand the actual rules but once you do its a magnificent game.
Well done Stern!
4 years ago
I held off for years in really getting into MM due to the theme.. Never been a big fan of anything Medieval.
HOWEVER after playing the remake for a substantial amount of time, I had to get one!

Its our most played game in the house.
4 years ago
I used to own an original and really liked the game but sold it due to a play field wear spot.. Yes I know how pedantic!
We're talking quite a few years ago.

Ive bought the AFMR LE and can honestly say its better than the original.
Due to the Topper - LED saucers and the huge Color DMD is just wow!
Also the fact that everything is brand new!
7 years ago
I was holding this game for a few weeks for a friend and found it to be way over hyped. I particularly didn't like the (cheap) feel of the game. I think my expectations were really high due to its collectibility. If i was a millionaire I would probably get one for collectible purposes but def not a game I would want to own to play.
8 years ago
One of the most boring games I have ever played"
Aesthetically its brilliant. Amazing quality. Just the game itself is very boring.
Mini pf's seem a waste of time on this machine just like the mini pf on ACDC. Useless really.
The layout shots are somewhat lacking any real fun factor. Can hardly make out the connection between the ball and the mid right flipper. So hard to tell when its coming or not.
The theme is great. Just a pity they didn't make a great game out of it. Sometimes LESS IS MORE.
8 years ago
I think this is Sterns best to date since Tron LE. Aesthetically its just brilliant.
Amazing flow and so damn fast!
Initially I thought I would not like this game at all, but its got me back into pinball more than ever.
Great work Stern!
8 years ago
Found this game to be extremely dull in the art department. Very boring gameplay.
8 years ago
Cant see the like in this game. Pretty boring and way to busy on the PF
9 years ago
Brilliant game. Esp the LE. I could easily say Sterns best pinball machine to date.
Now with code update 1.5 this game is absolutely brilliant.
Fast jam packed with allot to achieve.
9 years ago
Couldn't ever really get into the theme but now having played it allot more extensively. I love the game!!
9 years ago
This game is just pure brilliant! FUN FUN FUN!
9 years ago
Ive never been a SM fan of the movies comics etc.. BUT this game is an instant classic! I can see this machine being highly sought after in years to come (sure it is already).
Great flow fun shots. Similar to AFM in some ways but better in my book.
9 years ago
Owned the BIB LE found it boring after 3 weeks, eventually sold it. Great theme for sure! But such a shallow boring game.
10 years ago
One of my faves in my collection.
A tough game with sooo much to do!
Its a barrel of fun and can take a little while to "get into it".

Worth getting if you can!
10 years ago
TZ is just an amazingly well designed game.
The sounds are magnificent and the playability is pure fun.

Some people don't like this title due to it not being a speed game as such or find it too deep.
I think it's in between a speed game and a start stop game.
Plus the toys are something that are just amazing. (esp when the machine is working well) :-)