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1 year ago
there is so much to love about Funhouse. And I think a LOT of people love it because of Rudy and/or the nostlgia of this game growing up. Theme: brilliant. Artwork: love it. Sounds and rudy heckling: can't go wrong!

I will say that the playfield layout and gameplay lacks just a little bit in my book. Now before ya'll start hating me, let me just explain! I do think scoring is good and balanced. I think advancing the clock and locking balls is awesome. I think it's tremendously satisfying to hit the million+ multi bonuses. But there's just something lacking overall on the gameplay and flow.

I think the lower playfield is a bit congested, and there really aren't that many shots. From the left flipper, you're really only trying to hit the mirror or lock. From the right, the steps or mirror. And 1/3rd of all shots end up in the dungeon and kick out of the lower right kicker. When you do miss a shot, the ball kind of doesn't have anywhere to go due to congestion and kind of dances clumsily in the mid playfield making it's way down -- it usually doesn't give a natural path down to dead bounce or catch...it's just kind of clumsy.

I mean, here's another way to explain it. Whirlwind is almost the exact same game in mirror image. The 'shots' are almost the same, but I think Whirlwind flows better. maybe its because the toll ramp returns to the flipper, or the upper loop keeps looping, or the million plus comes out from a different spot than the lower right kicker like all the other shots on funhouse. Whirlwind is a little less congested and missed shots just come to the flippers with more playability.

All that to say that after a game on Funhouse, it never truly spoke to me "hey bucko, play again!"

to all you Funhouse lovers out there: I tried to love this game. I did. I wanted to love it. I bought it with every intention of keeping it a really long time. But without that urge to play over and over again, i had to let it go considering the going price of this game versus other games that do keep me coming back over and over again. Sorry team.

But I still rated this game appropriately given all the other goodies within!!
1 year ago
Fantastic game. Probably one of the best feautures of this game are the different multiball modes and the ability to be in one, two, or three of them at the same time. the playfield is actually quite simple, yet the game does have quite a few things going on with bats, rats, multimodes, werewolf video mode, loops -- so you're always trying to build, build, build -- with the key goal getting into all three multi modes at the same time where you can really rack up the score: Thir...thir...thirty million!!

I do think the game is pretty approachable, even with lighting flippers. The nice thing is that there isn't really an obvious outlane or SDTM drain shot. So if you miss a shot by 1/8"...the ball is generally still in play and you can recover with a dead bounce or flipper catch or other. For this reason, I don't think the game is as brutal as some suggest it is...because you can miss shots and not lose the ball...that's not brutal.

The only real complaint I have is that I'm not a huge fan of the translite art, but I'm also more in favor of original themes versus licensed. But this is just a good game...
1 year ago
Fishtales is a great game, with a warning that it can be a frustrating game for beginners, newbies, or guests - primarily because it can play with a bias towards short ball times and drains. If you miss a shot by 1/8"...it could drain to the oulane! Or the captive ball may come straight back so fast and knocks your ball SDTM! Once you understand the bounces and have the ability to keep the ball under control (most of the time), strategy kicks in and it is literally a blast. this game will keep you coming back for the challenge and fun, and when you finally put up a monster score it's tremendously satisfying. You'll quickly get hooked on the music and callouts.

I will say that this game does have a super fun multiball mode, but also probably one of the more difficult multimode jackpots to get. I don't know why, but I struggle to get a ball in the casters club during multi as other balls always seem to be in the way!
1 year ago
Here’s the deal: wipeout is a brilliant game for the novice player, newbies or friends that come over, or the mid level player that wants to feel like they can play a strategic game and score big. It’s not for the professional that wants a massively deep rule set with challenging shots every time!

Newbies and friends: it’s fun. It’s a good theme. People will love to play it. The shots are easy by most standards, and the ball times are a bit longer because there are no obvious side drains and the middle post will keep that ball in play. The ski lift and slalom are quite clever and this game will entertain. It won’t be frustrating to play.

Mid level players: there is Strategic sequence to the game. Multi ball avalanche will bring up super jackpots and a triple Super jackpot. You can keep hitting the slalom after multiball for great bonuses. Play the rounds, after racking up high points, get to the hot doggie round and double score. Some people think this is Imbalanced scoring, but if you can execute to this level...it’s not any different than a game that gets you to $100M super jackpots like Fishtales that jet your score too! The point is it takes some strategy and ball control to get here, and so a mid level player can feel like they’ve got the control given that shots are generally easier and balls don’t auto drain. Because of this, the game just keeps calling you for another!

Advanced pro: you’ll find the shots easy to make. You’ll feel like Lebron James playing in the NBA. So if you want to be challenged and to be penalized for missing a shot by 1/8”...ain’t gonna happen. But it doesn’t make the game bad. It just makes the game a better fit for a different type of player!
1 year ago
First, I should note that I likely have a bias towards this game as it was the first game I owned when I was 16, and I spent a lot of time playing it. But after moving out I had a 15 year hiatus, and just recently was able to save it from my parents basement. The only thing frustrating now is that I can't get anywhere close to my high scores from 20 years ago...

Overall, it's a simple game with simple rules, but very fun. To me, the best part is the repetitive chase for 4-ball multiball....over and over again. So this is a good game for the family and also for the average pinball player. Even for the super advanced players out there, this would be a nice calm and simple game that still has some interest.

The playfield design is fun and I tend to like the music and callouts (but could just be positive association from back in the day!) Overall pace is moderate, but you can get the ball moving if you can hit the jogging path over and over again. In addition to multiball, there are just a few places to hit for simple scoring strategies: hit the captive ball to light 20x on the jogging path and score big next time you take it, take lower wacker drive in the upper right over and over to secure an extra ball, hit the drop targets on right side to light the opera jackpot and then go for the captive ball again. Simple scoring rules, simple design, but fun.

Recommended game!