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5 months ago
This game is a blast! Probably one of the most fun and adrenaline rushing games out there. At first glance it doesn't look like there is a lot of variation but there are tons of shots in this game. The theme is dead nuts perfectly applied. Stern hit a home run with this machine!
5 months ago
This game is just weird. I owned it for a while. Its one of those games that looks like its going to be a lot more fun than it really is. The shots are repetitive and gets boring pretty quickly. The game is very colorful and has a lot of flash. I just could never get into it.
5 months ago
I've owned this game. It was my first machine and I had a lot of fun with it. Its basically a chopping wood game. None of the shots are particularly difficult. The catchers mitt is a cool toy but easy to avoid or hit. This machine does have a great baseball feel to it though. If you like baseball this game can really keep you busy hitting homers and grand-slams. Its a monster of a Gottlieb game... bulky and the quality of the playfield and metalwork is poor. If you can get one cheap its a fun first pin... but soon you will be wanting something more.
5 months ago
One day I will buy another JP. I really enjoyed this game. Although the game play is a bit repetitive and simple the theme and playfield (with T-Rex, Raptor Pit, sheds/buildings) really add to the fun. JP is a hit for the casual player. Like all Data East of this time the have a bit of a cheapness to them as compared to a Bally/Williams. Sound quality and music is not so great. Probably the most fun for the money as far as pins go.
5 months ago
I've owned this machine and I'm sorry I sold it. This is truly an entertaining machine. Some people are irritated by the music but I think its great and fits the theme well. The playfield is tight and the shots are fast. Fun video mode and if you like fishing you will love Fish Tales! I miss mine and want to get one back in my collection someday.
5 months ago
This is my favorite pinball machine of all time. I'm partial to the game simply because of the Indiana Jones theme. I believe the designers of this game took every great part of the first three Indy films and made modes out of them. The call-outs on this game are beyond great (especially if you are an Indy fan). Honestly this machine has the best application of a theme, hands-down. This game will never leave my collection. Upgrade your Indy with a Pinsound with a new high fidelity audio mix and you will be blown away by the audio experience of this machine.
5 months ago
This machine is super fun. It’s the kind of theme that just works in pinball. Overall the gameplay is quite simple and is repetitive, but there is enough variation in the shots that it’s still fun. This game probably isn’t for the deep pin heads out there ...although I bet it’s tough to resist for anyone. The SE adds a spectacular light show and enhanced LCD and it’s a perfect upgrade to this classic machine! This remake is built with great quality and the CGC updated WPC architecure is a perfect blend of new tech and classic mech.

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